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When would you send the STDs?

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Even though this is a while off for us, it has been on my mind recently since we've been receiving a lot of STDs lately.

If you were having a November wedding and you wanted to send them out 8-12 months in advance since there will be a lot of OOT guests, when would you send the STDs?

I'm not sure if it would be better to send them exactly a year before in November so it's before the holiday rush, if we should send them right around when people send out holiday cards (or will the STDs just get lost in the holiday card shuffle?), or in January after the holiday hustle and bustle.

Thanks for any insight/opinions! Like I said, it's a while away for us, but I was just curious and this board always gives great advice!

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Re: When would you send the STDs?

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    I would vote for January/February.  STD should be sent 6-9 months in advance normally; so I would go in the 8/9 month area where you're in your desired timeframe but still following the recommended timeline. 


    FWIW - we had a pretty significant OOT guest list.  We sent our STDs in January for our July wedding; so I think January for November is more than generous.

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    I concur -- STDs would definitely get lost in the holiday shuffle if sent in November/December. January or February would be perfect.
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    Thank you! I definitely don't want them to get lost in the holiday shuffle or send them out too early, so January/February it is! :)

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    I agree with PP's. After the holiday rush. It gives you plenty of time before invites go out and will ease your mind of worry (lost in the shuffle of holiday mail). Any time we can ease our Bridal minds of worry is a great thing!

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    Another vote for February after the holidays calm down. FI's family is all coming from the opposite side of the country and we sent ours out 8 1/2 months prior. It's was PLENTY of time. 

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