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No cake at my wedding!?!?!

So my fiancé and I just got married on the 8th, (yay!!) but something very unfortunate happened. My cake decorator "forgot" to make 3 of my wedding cakes that I had ordered so we had nothing at our wedding. I'm not sure if this is the right board to post in, but I'm not sure how to handle this? I can't redo the wedding of course and I'm FURIOUS that I won't ever have good memories about having a beautiful cake at my wedding. Because there was no cake, I ended up in tears in front of everyone and was ready to go home before the reception even started. I need advice on how to take care of this problem. Is there anything I can do???
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Re: No cake at my wedding!?!?!

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    What does your contract say?  I would at least expect some money back, and I would also post a review of this cake decorator on your local board.  That is pretty poor service.  

    I would try to hold onto the good memories of the day.  While I can imagine that it was very stressful to have no cake and you were under a lot of pressure, you got married to the love of your life, so overall, I'd still say it was a good day.  

    ETA: And congratulations on your wedding!
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    I would be expecting a full refund since she didn't provide the product that you had contracted her to provide. 

    Also, I know that not having the cake was very disheartening but remember that you still got married to the person you love and you got to share that with your closest friends and family.  Try to remember the good parts and forget about the fact that there wasn't any dessert, that is definitely not the worst thing that could have happened.

    Congrats on your wedding!

  • Was your cake decorator a friend or a professional baker?  Did you  have a contract or did a friend just say, "Hey, I'll make your cake for you" and forgot?

    If you had a contract then you need to request a full refund.  If they don't refund your money then you need to go to small claims court.

    If it was a friend then you need to find out if something happened (like illness, emergency) that prevented them from making your cake.  If they truly just forgot, you need to decide if the friendship is more important than the cake.

    If not having a cake made you fall into tears and want to go home before your reception even started, you were concentrating on the wrong things!  You just married the love of your life and you have a room full of people ready to celebrate with you - the cake is a minor glitch and it didn't ruin the night UNLESS you CHOSE to let it.
  • I spoke with the cake decorator and I will be getting a full refund. The biggest problem I had about not having a cake was the fact that the cake decorator did not contact me to let me know she didn't have a cake for me. She did not try to get a hold of me and when I tried contacting her she screened my calls. I was in tears because the cake was my main focal point in the wedding. I paid $700 for 3 cakes I didn't receive. It was very heartbreaking for me. And with how much detail was in the cake, it should have been started a while ago with the small pieces put together that morning. I had filled out an order form, signed papers, and paid her in full 3 months before the wedding. I try not to let it ruin my memories, I think I was mostly embarrassed because I've never heard of this happening before, and seriously who forgets the wedding cake??? The lady ended up taking her page off of facebook (she worked out of her home so had a page for it online) so I can't leave any reviews. Everything now is just passed on by word of mouth.
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    I am glad that you are getting a refund because you definitely deserve it.

    But I will say that the cake was not the main focal point of your wedding.  You and your husband were the main focal point.  It sucks that you didn't have cake but I am sure your guests understood and still had a great time without it.

  • It's glad you were able to get the full refund your situation deserves. I can understand being truly upset at the wedding - I probably would have been in tears if something similar happened just because emotions are already heightened on your wedding day! I hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your evening and celebrate the joy of your marriage!

    Can you leave a google review or one on WeddingWire or one of the other being wedding review sites?
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    I'm so sorry that happened to you. I am glad you're getting a full refund. I'd head over to your local board on here and post this so that local Knotties know to avoid that irresponsible and careless baker. 

  • Thanks ladies, with all the family support, they made sure to make us happy! Even though I didn't have my "wow factor" cake, the night turned out great. And I will try and look up any review page so I can warn others. I think she made a new facebook page for her business but I've been blocked by her. I'll keep looking though!
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  • Try Yelp for posting your review. If she isn't on there you can submit a new business (anyone can do this) and post your review there. I know I always look on Yelp for reviews.

    I'm glad that you had a good night anyway!


  • Thanks ladies, with all the family support, they made sure to make us happy! Even though I didn't have my "wow factor" cake, the night turned out great. And I will try and look up any review page so I can warn others. I think she made a new facebook page for her business but I've been blocked by her. I'll keep looking though!
    Can a close friend or family member write a review on the page on your behalf?
  • what is the name of the cake persons business i can go online and look her up on facebook. that is so wrong that she did that. i do cupcakes and cake pops and if people call me up i make sure to get everything in details and i call them up a few days before to touch base and let them know if the time they told me was still a good time... 
  • Check and see if they are listed on
  • While it's horrible that your wedding cake was a no-show, I did a wedding cake for a bride and groom whose CATERER was a no-show!  Yes, it's a terrible situation.  However, you are getting a full refund (which you should), and that's a way to start healing the hurt you feel.  Mistakes happen.  At some point, you will tell this story to your grandchildren, and it can be a point of pride that, even though you had a problem at your reception, the marriage lasted through the stress -- and then some!

    BTW, at the wedding I mentioned, the MOH did a face plant into the aisle runner during the processional, the ring bearer threw up on the altar, the caterer didn't show up (it was a Friday wedding and they had it written down as a Saturday affair ... when called, they put it all together quickly and managed to get to the reception, although dinner was 2-1/2 hours late).  But some family members were DJ's and band members (they had both), so during the wait, they had strolling saxophone and accordion music.  Guests and the B&G danced in the aisles as they were waiting for dinner to show up.  The couple had time to chat with EVERY one of their guests, and it all turned out okay.  Oh!  They also suffered with two toilets that backed up.  So when you say your reception was "ruined" by a non-existent cake, try to keep it in perspective.  You're married to a man who is your main support and the love of your life.  That's what you need, when all is said and done.

  • Could not agree more with PP, while it sucks that that happened to you, you are getting a full refund and at the end of the day its only a cake. The bride and groom are the focal point of a wedding, the rest is just details. So many people stress over things with their weddings that at the end of the day are secondary, if you are married to the man of your dreams then thats the only thing that matters. 
    At my wedding I had a rogue bridesmaid that wore the wrong shoes (style and color) and told off the hairdresser that my mother was paying to do the bridal party's hair because "she's the only person who can do it right", I had to change venues the morning of the wedding because of torrential rain (it was originally supposed to be an outdoor wedding), we didn't have transportation after the wedding because no one could find the keys, and to top off all of it my father wasn't able to walk me down the aisle or even attend the wedding because 4 days before the wedding he had a major heart attack and was still in the hospital the day of the wedding (he is now recovering well). Despite all of that I don't feel like my day was "ruined", it didn't go as planned but at the end of the day my husband and I are happily married and thats what mattered. I could have just as easily spent my wedding crying because my Dad wasn't there and my venue wasn't the one I wanted and my bridesmaid was acting like a beast but making a huge deal about all of the things that went wrong instead of focusing on the fact that things happen the way they are gonna happen and in the end I still got to marry the man of my dreams would have truly ruined my day for me. 
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