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My Christmas Proposal

It was on Christmas Day 2012. I had an idea he might do it on Christmas Day from a few days before, my Dad seemed like he knew something I didn't (my OH knew he had to ask my Dad for permission). Seeing as we had talked about getting engaged and married a few months earlier I thought 'this is it' I just had a strong feeling about it, even though he said he was gonna do it when I least expected it as he wanted to surprise me.

It was our first Christmas Day together in our own place (it was our 5th christmas together, the first two i was working and the second two we spent together but with our families) so it was a big deal to us. We woke up and opened our presents to each other, and there was not even a hint of a ring or proposal. I was gutted, just because I was so sure and I couldn't wait for him to ask me to marry him as I couldn't wait for us to be married and thought I have to wait even longer now! All that intuition and being so sure he was going to do it today went out of the window. I had a bit of a sulk about it initially and told him what I had been expecting and he didn't even blink!!

I forced myself pull myself together and just enjoy the day. We got up and started making our breakfast, then he got in a stress because he kept burning our waffles in the toaster. It was funny as he is so laid back he is horizontal and I am usually the stressy one of us two. I calmed him down, reminding him that it's Christmas Day and it's only waffles! (He told me later he wanted everything to be perfect including breakfast and that's why he got stressed)
We had our breakfast and I put a CD on that he had gotten me for Christmas - Emeli Sande, Our Version of Events - and after breakfast we had a lovely long slow dance to it. It got to an amazing moment, the only parts I can describe were that we were staring into each others eyes and I got a lump in my throat just looking at him thinking how much I love him. I just can't describe the rest it was really intense and beautiful and we have been together almost 5 years so we have had plenty of amazing moments, but that one... Wow!

Then he jumped and went 'Ooh there's just one last present I forgot to give you!' (Talk about spoiling a moment! He said it just like that as well, like he was on a Carry On film!). I was still all in a trance so didn't cotton onto anything. He pulled a huge box out from behind the tree and got me to open it, it was full of shredding. I searched through it and there was a Pringles tube in there (he later explained that it was the only thing he could think of that would hide the shape of the ring box so that I wouldn't guess what it was!). He explained that they were giving them out with mystery gifts inside when he had been to Oxford Street (big shopping area in London) the day before. I opened it and there was a jewellers box inside, I still didn't get it! Then I opened the jewellers box and saw a gorgeous sparkly oval ring, I looked to see where he had gone and he was on the floor, on one knee asking me to marry him. I just burst into tears and started crying, I was so happy and surprised I couldn't even formulate a thought, let alone speak! He was crying too which didn't help! Then said yes!
We had a big kiss and a cuddle then carried on with our slow dance. It was perfect and he thought it out so well as I didn't have a clue!
Sorry if it's a bit long and gushy, but that's how it went!


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