Aria - A++
I don't even know where to begin with a review for Aria. Joey and Lori are awesome to work with. I booked Aria before they even broke ground for the building. I knew the food was amazing from the old facility so that part was never in question. The construction scared me to death but they kept telling me I had absolutely nothing to worry about and they were 100% correct! Aria is gorgeous inside and out. They went above and beyond to work with me on menu's and dates. It was a long process and lots of trips up to see the building. When the date finally arrived we had to do last minute changing of times and locations for pictures and ceremony due to weather and they once again kept me calm and showed me tons of options. From the 1st email to the last goodbye at 1am on the wedding night they were with me every step of the way. They did an amazing job and I would not have changed a thing!!!! You guys are by far the most amazing people in the business!!!!!

Airen Miller Photography - A+
I dont think I can put into words how amazing I think Airen Miller and his work are. He was amazing from our 1st meeting until the very last dance at the wedding. So easy to work with, so full of energy, so fun and one heck of an amazing dress fluffer!!!!! He did our engagement pics and they are stunning. What I have seen of the wedding pictures are breathtaking. If you are looking for a really fun, artistic and different photographer look no further. He is just simply amazing!!!!!!!

Reminisce Video - A+
Steve was very easy to work with from the 1st meeting right up until the end of the wedding. Very professional. His prices were awesome. We had last minute changes in location due to rain and he was there for all of it and so helpful. I have not received the final product yet but I have no doubt it will be amazing.

Frank C Entertainment - A+
Frank was the only vendor I didnt even need to think about. I wanted him and only him for my wedding. He did my sisters wedding 15 years ago and did an amazing job. He made my wedding perfect and had every song that I wanted played. The photo booth he had for us was also great. He even surprised us with Mets and Yankees logo's on the sleeves because he knew we were huge fans!!!!!!! He went above and beyond!!!!

Cakes By Lisa - A
LIsa was extremely helpful. I lived out of state so it was hard to pick a cake without seeing or tasting it. She worked with me via email and phone calls showing me pictures and letting my mom sample her cupcakes. When she heard about my colors being blue, silver and black she offered me a blue velvet cake and I was sold from that moment forward. The cake was awesome and everyone loved it!!!!!

Carriage Limo - A
Carriage was amazing. We got a 28 passenger bus to get our wedding party to the 1st look and then to the venue. We had to do some time changes and location changes due to rain and they helped us make it all happen smoothly and without issue. The driver was professional and helped all of us in and out of the car, walked us down a long steep driveway with an umbrella and all.

O'Rourke & Birch Florist - B
I will start off by saying my flowers were beautiful. Unfortunately I asked numerous times for them to make sure they were bright white, I did not want off white or ivory, bright white. The wedding party's flowers and the centerpieces were bright white and perfect. My bouquet had amazing blue orchids and little hints of bling like I requested but the roses and other flowers used were off-white and kinda mad me a bit upset but I didnt let it ruin the day by any means. They looked great in all the pictures and all in all I was happy with them.

Delianne's - C
Patty at Delianne's is a great family friend and really the only reason I went to Delianne's. Everyone else there was rude, unhappy, unhelpful and unprofessional. I bought my dress, veil, jewelry 11 total bridesmaid dresses and my mother had her alterations done there and they treated us all for the most part like we should be thanking them for being there instead of them being grateful to us for using them. They messed up the back of my Mothers dress and blamed her, good thing we had before pics!!! When they pinned my wedding dress I pointed out the hem was uneven and she said it would be fine it was just the pins, when I went back it was uneven still just like I said it would be. Overall I would not recommend anyone going there unless they just deal with Patty and Patty alone!!!!!!!!

Largay Travel - A+
Amanda at Largay travel went above and beyond her job for us. She was beyond helpful and always very quick to respond to my many many questions. All her ideas were perfect and our honeymoon to Sandals Negril was perfect in every way!!!!!!

Sandals Negril:  A+
I have a very in depth review on TripAdvisor if you are interested in reading it. Sandals Negril was unreal. We had the perfect honeymoon. It was exactly what we both wanted. It was breathtaking, the food was great, drinks all day long, beautiful beaches and an amazing staff.
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Re: Married....Reviews

  • Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great time. I love your spotted umbrella too. 
  • I've been waiting patiently for your review I'm a 10/2014 Aria bride! So glad you had a wonderful experience there. The pictures from your wedding are gorgeous your photographer did a great job! Congratulations!
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