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5 Days!

I am getting married in five days!  FIVE DAYS!  It doesn't seem real to me most of the time, honestly.  I'm technically working through Thursday, but let's face it, my head is NOT in the game.  Not even a little.  Thankfully, I'm at about 128% for the quarter, so that stress is off my head.  

Have a few remaining details to sort out between now and then, but I feel like everything is going reasonably well.  FI has been in Philadelphia for the last 5 days for work, so I'm excited to have him home, he keeps me calm.  I've had a few moments of general crabbiness that I'm attributing to wedding stress, and haven't been sleeping that great, but I think that's because FI has been gone.  List writing helps me focus, so here's what I have left to do:

Call venue and pay contract for food/booze-people might get a tad cranky if we don't feed them
Pick up dress
Email pastor
Finish DIY Escort Cards when items arrive from Etsy (they better get here, by god...)
Pack for honeymoon
Pack Kids for visit with my parents while we are on honeymoon
Order Panera trays to feed WP before/during photos
Make appointment for spray tan
Call nail salon to confirm Friday (Have the appointment, but don't trust them...)

That doesn't seem like a lot, I'm sure I'm forgetting something...  Keep me sane this week ladies!  Hopefully some quick 3 or 4 mile runs will help too...  
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