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Walking dow the aisle

Kate McCayKate McCay member
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I would like to use the song A Thousand Years played by the Piano Guys. I am just wondering how the timing will play out. The song really picks up around the 2 minute mark and this is where I would like to make my entrance.

Do you think that is enough time to have 5 bridesmaids plus a flower girl walk down a relatively short aisle? Or should I chose a different song for them and start my song in the middle to get it to where I would like?

Is it ok to have them walk down with a smaller gap between them, instead of waiting for the first one to get all the way to the front before starting the next girl?

Here is a photo of the aisle...

Re: Walking dow the aisle

  • I don't know the song, but if you want to start your walk at a specific point in the song, maybe practice a few times with the girls (or someone walking the pace they will walk).  If you have a dj, maybe he can mix the song to be longer or shorter to get it to your starting place...



  • Have your DJ cut/slice to where you want it to start.  I had thought I had a short aisle so was just going to do one song for seating of the family and bridesmaids.  I changed my mind last minute and am so glad I did... we needed the two songs for sure so it ended up working out perfectly (and my dj just faded from one to the next).  I could not even tell you what part of the song I got to the aisle for-- I was so focused on my FI it was all a blur.  

  • Pretty song choice!  I downloaded it the other day.  I think your DJ can loop\extend the intro of the song to give your BMs enough time to walk down the aisle.
  • You definitely don't need to wait for each girl to reach the front. Just figure out the timing, I think that 2 minutes is plenty of time, but you'll want to practice to make sure.
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  • If each girl starts when the preceding girl reaches halfway down the aisle, you can get them done in less than two minutes. Your flower girl (depending on age, and thusly, attention span) might be your variable.


    But it's completely doable.

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