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Proposed at Disney!!

Ok, so it wasn't as glamorous as he had wanted, but impatience on his part won out.

DF and I have a history which goes back 20+ years - we were high school sweethearts, and I really believed I would marry him.

After both or our marraiges ended, I contacted him and figured it would be a "nice to see you, how's the family" type of dinner. I couldn't have been more wrong. After Christmas, his parents asked me to join them on a family trip to Disney World. It was his first time as well as his kids. We arrived in our room around 11:00 after flying in, getting dinner and exploring the hotel.

The kids were bouncing around and DF says "Ever have something go totally diffrent in your head than it does in reality" - I laughed and told him this was totally how I saw our trip going. LOL - Then he launched into the speech, and got down on one knee.  I thought for sure I would be in tears, but I think I was too overwhelmed to cry!!! It was great. He wanted to do it at Magic Kingdom with the fireworks, but he was impatient and I hate being the center of attention.

Anyways, that's our engagement story!! Now onto the wedding part...Which I have NO idea where to start! :)

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  • Congratulations! Is your username a reference to the musical?
  • Congrats and happy planning!

    Start by discussing what kind of wedding you'd like to have. Then set a budget. Will you be paying for it yourselves or receiving outside help?  Then make a potential guest list. Then look for venues that meet your numbers. 
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  • Congratulations! I agree that starting with making a budget that's realistic for the kind of wedding you want to have and which you can afford should be your first task, before thinking about how many people you can host within that budget, and then you can make more concrete plans from there :)
  • Congrats! Enjoy your engagement before jumping into any plans!
  • Congratulations!!
  • Awwww, How awesome... CONGRATS MAJORLY!! We are HS Sweethearts too :o)

    365 day pass holder over here!! Well to Disneyland... haha :o)


    Enjoy the moment for a week or 2 and then, plan. Trust me, enjoy it. I was just engaged, and started going wedding day dream crazy and now I'm sick with a fever, because I already started freaking out about all the details, not to mention the butterflies. So learn from my already made, mistake... ENJOY the proposal and engagement for a week or 2 or even longer before you jump in. Don't do it right away, your butterflies in your tummy wont make planning fun. Let the butterflies and shock ware off first. I learned, so that's what I am doing now... haha

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  • Thank you everyone!!

    I'm glad he couldn't wait!! LOl We got to walk around with the bride/groom Mickey ears (I thought they were adorable-he, not so much, but he decidedd to wear the grooms) His first "Ears" ever, and they are grooms ears.

    We are planning a Vegas wedding, small with family and friends. I want to get pictures taken with us in our wedding attire with the ears on. I think that will make an awesome picture!!!

  • Congratulations! 

    My DF also proposed to me at Disneyworld! It was during Fantasmic in Hollywood Studios and was perfect! 

    Good luck with wedding planning! 
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  • Congrats! We got engaged at Disneyland by It's a Small World!
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