did u get that dress feeling like this was the one before you tried it on?

so i found this dress and its by one of my favorite designers so far.. i love the lace on the top and the back has a higher back plus it has capt sleeves a must for me after seeing this dress several times online i started to get teary eye the lace on top reminds me of my late grandmothers all lace ballgown which i have ( she was a size 6 when she got married) i know i have to try on this dress to see how i look in it but i started to get emontional today seeing it on the website

Re: did u get that dress feeling like this was the one before you tried it on?

  • I had that feeling just from seeing the dress i liked in a magazine, then in the store when it was ten sizes too small, and then when they held up the small dress to me so I could get an idea. I ordered it in my size and cant wait until it arrives! I think you should get this one! Such an emotional  response at least warrants a try on if you can! Happy dress shopping!
  • I got that feeling from a David's Bridal dress and then when I finally tried it on in person it just fell a bit short for me. I've tried it on twice now and still don't get that feeling. I don't know if I ever will. I'm waiting on a bridal salon to notify me when a Pronovias dress that I also liked online will be in. It's a 2014 model so I'm ever so patiently waiting.

    I hope you fall in love with that Mori Lee dress even more once you get to see it in person!
  • well me assuming since the dress was online that the place i am going to try it on will have it but they dont :( but she has something similar in that style to try on.. the one i linked is the new fall collection..  
  • Well if you think that dress is YOUR dress don't compromise! Wait it out or ask Mori Lee to send a sample sooner to that salon as you're very interested in purchasing it. As long as you still have at least 6-8 months before your wedding date you have no issues.

    I still have a year until mine so I have the leeway to wait around for THE dress at this point
  • I did not get the "this is it!" feeling when I saw my dress on the hanger.  Actually, I passed it up and didn't think it would look flattering on me.  My MOH forced me to try it on, and that was it!  When it was on, and I saw how good I looked, then I cried like a baby!  I'd suggest at least trying the dress on soon!  There was a dress I saw online that I fell in love with, but it was completely wrong for my figure.  You never know what I dress will look like on, so it's always best to give it a shot.  Then, you can see if it lives up to what you are imagining! 

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  • That dress is gorgeous! 
  • I saw my dress in the window of the store and was like "Wow, that is beautiful and a tad bit different! Seems like it'd be perfect for me!" 

    It was the 3rd dress I tried on and as she was slipping it over my head, I just felt like "Wow, this is it...I just know it" 

    And the rest was history :) 
  • I knew mine was the one from the first time I saw it online. It took me forever to find it, and I tried on other dresses too. Mine is from Mori Lee as well! 
  • well the dress was not avalible at the place i went to its part of the new line i tried on a lot of dresses and went with this one although i did not make the desicsion that day there was one other place that had maggies and allures and i tried on a similar style to the one i posted on this threat but it did nothing for me and i kept thinking about the mori lee gown.. we are adding a second strap so i have 2 straps and it has a higher corset back which i wanted 
  • I only saw one dress in a magazine that gave me the "This is the one!" feeling but I did my best to keep my hopes up when I went to try it on. Even though the sample was tiny and my consultant ran to the alterations department to get the dress sliced open just so I could step into it, it felt amazing to have on. No fireworks, no tears, just a confirmation that I had found my dress. The general response I got from my family was, "Yep. Yep that's the one." :)
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