Vacation Rental for Venue?

My fiance and I are looking into finding a vacation rental home in the Phoenix area to potentially have our ceremony and reception. The draw for this is to rent it for at least 5 days and let close family members stay in it from out of town as well as have them help with some food preparation. I imagine about 85 guests max; would like an outdoor wedding (but favor more greenery over desert landscaping - I know this could be a small subset of rentals). We are looking to spend no more than $2,000 to rent the house for a week; less is preferable; and have at least 3 bedrooms. 
Does anyone know of any locations like this in any part of the Phoenix area? Or any websites they can point me to? I have found some gorgeous estates in Paradise Valley but they are out of our price range; of course! Any help is appreciated!

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  • Krystal, at one point I thought of doing this, and what you're willing to pay is just too little for a week with an 85 person wedding at the property. I know of some condos you could do for that, but not really any homes.
      Try this company
    they might have something.
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  • Bellapallazo is way over priced you might try the hacienda in arcadia
  • You may want to check out and contact owners individually for more info. We did this and were able to find multiple properties that fit our needs and our budget. Fair warning, it took some searching...some people wanted to charge a high dollar to hold an event, and some did not.
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    I just called (Sat. 6/22) on a property from that was listed as accepting events for the property and it was a very bizarre and unprofessional person that answered the call. He rudely started rattling off a rate of $5500 + $600 cleaning fee, etc. without even asking me or knowing which property I was calling in regards to. Needless to say I would not recommend them! 
  • I might be too late but I found some amazing, beautiful homes on
  • Thank you everyone! We changed our preferences to 3-4 days at a vacation rental, up to $3,000 and around 50 guests, in hopes of finding more options. We also briefly looked at bed and breakfasts. 
    We only looked at one vacation rental and 2 bed and breakfasts in person so far. The rental house "property manager" was a little frazzled when showing us because he was also cleaning the place for renters to show up any minute! It looks like the URL I had no longer exists for this rental. 

    The owner of the first bed and breakfast ( was VERY knowledgeable (and personable) about having weddings at her location and it had a pretty decent outdoor space (including a pool!) as well as a decent price. I felt comfortable with her. But the rooms were occupied at the time so we were unable to see them. However, from the main house it looked like they might be out of date decor-wise. There is also no air conditioned main space for all to gather in - other than a room or two in the main house. This place was top of my list but my fiance wasn't completely onboard.

    The second bed and breakfast in Scottsdale ( was all fine and dandy close to our price range with buyouts of all rooms as well - plus had a very cool modern/rustic feel. It was beautifully decorated and offers bicycles for guests to use and had a pool. Reasons why we were turned off: 1) The owner does not allow guests to make their own meals in the beautiful kitchen; she doesn't want other people touching her stuff; and 2) you are required to use the onsite restaurant for catering - and the chef/owner of said restaurant quoted us $8,000 without even asking how many we would have in our party or what details we would want or anything. Major turn off.

    I scoured,, and reaching out to owners and property managers with little luck finding something within our price range (and my outdoor greenery preference). I also reached out to a Realtor and that was promising for a moment but didn't work out due to the Realtor having other obligations unfortunately.

    I tracked the homes that I found allowed weddings and I'll post a list here soon to share. Thank you!!
  • I also forgot to mention that because we've been having such a hard time finding a vacation rental within our budget and preferences for look and feel; last night my fiance and I decided to have a destination wedding instead. So now begins that planning! :)
  • I was also looking to use a vacation home but found it extremely difficult. I have a year before my wedding but I want to find a place by January. is good, and are some I have been using, but it is best to contact each property manager individually.
  • Hi everyone! I am really happy I found this thread...I am a little at my wits end on how to make everything work, and came up with this idea today...any recommendations? Did anyone successfully make a vacation rental work for their wedding? 
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