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Address labels



Does anyone know of a website where I can input my guest list onto custom labels and they will print for me?


I am having a really hard time finding a site with this service, all I seem to find are return address labels.



Re: Address labels

  • Before you do this, you should know that etiquette holds that wedding envelopes should be hand addressed.
  • Thanks for the responses. I understand etiquette, but I can't imagine how crooked, illegibe handwriting would be prefered over an address label.  Especially for an evelope that is likely to be immediately disgarded. 


    I think I will take the hybrid approach, and print labels for the outer envelope and handwrite the inner envelope.

  • Where do you live?  Search "digital calligraphy" and I'm sure you'll find someone who does beautiful work.  I know the lady a lot of people use in Tampa, FL only charges $.50 each envelope, so I'm sure there are a lot more in that price range. 
  • banana468 said:
    Why not get an index card and place it inside the envelope for straight lines? I did that for my invitations and zero were crooked.
    THIS.  I did the same exact thing for mine, and I'm pretty sure it was banana who gave me the suggestion!  I posted a while back about this same topic, and ultimately decided that I couldn't bring myself to use labels.  I went with this suggestion, and self-addressing them turned out to be easy peasy!  And I was in a COMPLETE panic over this.  The index card helped my lines be straight and centered, and I got a calligraphy pen which made my handwriting 10x better.  It took me about 4 hours to address about 90 outer and inner envelopes.  I'm so happy I decided to do that.
  • Also, I'll fully admit I thought people were BSC when I started reading the labels vs. handwritten debate. It just seemed so ridiculous in this day and age, even though I understood the reasoning behind it.  Ultimately, my stepmom offered to write them for me, so winwin! I didn't really think people would be offended either way, but I decided to take the cautionary approach just in case.

    My point is, my invitations went out ~2 weeks ago, and I was home with my family this past weekend. Two of my aunts came up to me separately telling me how beautiful the invitations and envelopes were, and that they had blown away a year ago when my brother/SIL used labels for their invitations. They thought ours looked a lot nicer and classier. I love my brother and his wife and this is in no way a bash against them, I just wanted to give you a heads up: people DO notice.
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  • Just a warning: labels are a cognitive heuristic for junk mail. They may not even turn it over and see that it is from you before it goes in the trash --unopened.  
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  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I am in the "hand address the envelopes boat", but if you are that concerned about your handwritting and are adament about using labels, why not look into wrap around address lables.  The are a bit more fancy then just plain old address label.

    Check this Google search out to see what I am talking about...CLICK!

    But again, handwritting them yourself is the best option.  Depending on how many you have you can do 5-10 a night with small breaks so as not to stress out your hand.

  • I don't like address labels for private correspondence. If people are important enough for you to be invited to your wedding, they should be important enough for you to spare two/three minutes of your time and neatly label your envelopes with their address.

    We sent out hand written cards when we told the OOT part of our families that we got engaged and they loved that we hand wrote them. We got so many positive responses!

    I received an address labeled thank you card from close friends last year and as she was a real bridezilla I was kind of surprised to see this happening (even though she only called our answering machine to invite us to the wedding). Thought it was junk mail when I first looked at the envelope (no sender address either).


  • Please don't put labels on your wedding invitations.  They end up looking like junk mail.  My fiancee's cousin used address labels and didn't have space to put 2 names on the labels.  So she got a ton of calls asking if SOs were invited (which we were).  I'm still annoyed that my name wasn't on the envelope.  We got the thank you card for this wedding in the mail today and that, too, only has my fiancee's name on it.  My point being is if you're going to use address labels, purchase ones large enough to fit two names on them.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Don't use labels.

    You can have the addresses printed, engraved, or written.  But labels will give your invitations the appearance of junk mail and suggest that they, and by extension your wedding, are not to be taken seriously.  You wouldn't want that, presumably.
  • I didn't do labels but I didn't follow completely proper etiquette with this one....I actually printed the address directly on the envelope using mail merger and a pretty italic font. It was tedious but looked nice and wasn't a label. Btw, love banana's idea though!!

  • I traced my addresses with a nice pen because my writing sucks. Print them out then slip them into the envelopes and trace. Really easy. Nothing was crooked, it was still all handwritten, and I was really proud of how it looked when I was done. Got compliments on them too.
  • The index card is a good idea! But what about if your envelope is a dark color that you cant see through? Any tips or tricks? ( I have silver irridescent envelopes for ex.) maybe use a light table?
  • Oh I will try that! Thanks alot!!
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