November 2014 Weddings

the old fashion bride wars !

So I need to vent and half as for advice ! My moh and I are both getting married (I am also her moh). My fiancé and I picked our wedding date out months ago it was set for August 9th 2014 a day that was between our birthdays. Well my moh's wedding date was set for May 25 2014 up until her fiancé enlisted in the army. I am happy that he decided to do that but it threw the wedding plans into chaos. Now my moh has decided after changing her mind a million and one times she wants to get married August 9th 2013. She has already bought a dress similar to the one I really wanted to I had to go a different direction with mine, she also picked a hair style that was oddly similar to the one I chose. Now I sat back and let her have all the rest but my date? I talked to her about it and she feels bad but it was one of two weeks that would work for them ! I don't know what to do, we've switched our date to November but she blames me for having to change her date, now to the 16th of August. This is one of the biggest days of my life and I cant be happy with my date if my friend is going to blame me for having to change hers. What should I do we've already set a date in November, but really wanted it to be August. She is making me feel guilty for saying anything but we had all our stuff planned and the stationary ready to be printed with the 9th of August :(
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