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Reception entrance music

My FI and I like the idea of the wedding party and us entering the reception to 2 different songs. My FI then suggested that the ushers, FG and RB enter to 1 song; the bridesmaids enter to a 2nd song; Groomsmen enter to a 3rd song and parents to a different song and finally us to our song. That's 5 different songs. Granted it would not be the whole song each time (just until that group was in and at their seats) but I think that is too much. What do you think?

Re: Reception entrance music

  • I think it is a bit much.  We had two songs, one for the parents and bridal party and another for us.

    Since entrances take no time at all the songs will be jumping around a lot and little of each song with actually be heard.

    If there are just certain songs that your FI loves and would like to use as entrances pick two of his faves and then make sure the rest are played at some point in the night.

  • It will only take a few seconds for each group to enter (maybe 30 seconds for each side of the WP). I agree that 5 songs is too much. I'd recommend limiting it to 1 or 2 or you'll end up confusing your guests and/or just creating a ton of noise.
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