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I was recently engaged on Memorial Day and just begin the whole wedding planning process. Before my now fiancee proposed I kinda knew who and how many girls I wanted in my wedding party. Since my fiancee has 3 sisters and he's the only boy in his fam I knew they would want to be bridesmaids, so, I picked 3 very important girls from my side. 2 did not inckude my best friends but my cousin, sister and niece whom Ive been very close to all my life. I asked my 2 best friends to be hostess in my wedding. One friend was very upset with me and even stopped speaking for a few days.I expkained to them both before hand why I did it but itncaused some tension. Did I make the wrong decision?

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  • What is a wedding hostess?

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  • I think it's a female usher?
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  • They pretty much do what the planner does just not as intense. They dont have to seat people, that can be left up to the ushers, which is what I want.
  • So you asked two of your best friends to be your free day-of coordinators? I'd be upset too if I were them.
  • So you asked two of your best friends to be your free day-of coordinators? I'd be upset too if I were them.

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  • Yeah, from your description, it sounds like you asked you picked your FSILs not because you were close to them or WANTED them to stand up with you but out of a sense of obligation, because they would not otherwise have a chance to be bridesmaids? I'm not sure I follow what you were trying to say about him being "the only boy, so they would want to be bridesmaids." There are three sisters. If they want to be bridesmaids, they have one another's weddings, if any of them is married in the future. If your FI wanted them in the wedding, he could have asked them to be on HIS side. I was on my brother's side, and he is on mine; my fiancé has his friends, and my SIL had hers.

    Then you asked your own best friends to take on a role that includes a ton of work, planning your wedding, without the "recognizable" part of wearing the dress and standing up beside you on your wedding day.

    I'd be pretty pissed, too, if I were your best friends.
  • I do think you made the wrong decision. His sisters would and should completely understand if you hadn't picked them.
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  •  It was very nice of you in include your future sister in laws. But if i was your best friend my feelings would be hurt. I would make sure to include them on the planning and all the parties.
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