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Got engaged earlier tonight!

My now fiance and I have been dating for about three and a half years now, and we're about to graduate from college in 6 days. As our last date in the city of Chicago together, he decided we would spend our one day off during finals week together. We started seeing the new Star Trek movie and then he took me to dinner to a small, romantic little french bistro (Bistrot Zinc for you Chicagoans). I knew something was off because he was wearing his heavy leather jacket, which looks wonderful but is really warm; since it was 80 degrees today, I figured he just wanted to wear it to look nice.

We were seated right next to one another in a banquette, so we were very close the whole dinner and just chatted the entire time while drinking wine and eating. We basically had our dream dinner together (escargot, steak, and crème brûlée), and just as we finished he says, "I have to admit, I have an ulterior motive for being here tonight." I ask him why we are here then, and then he reaches over to that heavy leather jacket and pulls out the ring box. I instantly burst into tears as he tells me that he can't imagine spending his life with anyone else but me, and then asks me to marry him.

Of course I said yes! I hugged and kissed him so much before I put the ring on, but when I did, all I could do was stare at it for a few moments before looking back at him. The waiter brought us champagne and we just sat and talked for a while; we even got approached by a married couple of 26 years who saw when it happened by chance and they congratulated us and wished us well! Once we were done, we walked all the way home (about 45 minutes!)  and were calling our folks to tell them the news. We're going to just bask in the happiness for a few days and wait until after graduation to start planning anything.

All in all, it was a perfect day. =]



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