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XP Reception Entrance Music (Not the list of questions post lol)

So I saw that another knottie had a post with this same name but since this is the same post as on another board I thought I would make it clear that it is different from the one on this board that another knottie started. LOL

My FI and I like the idea of the wedding party and us entering the reception to 2 different songs. My FI then suggested that the ushers, FG and RB enter to 1 song; the bridesmaids enter to a 2nd song; Groomsmen enter to a 3rd song and parents to a different song and finally us to our song. That's 5 different songs. Granted it would not be the whole song each time (just until that group was in and at their seats) but I think that is too much. What do you think?

Re: XP Reception Entrance Music (Not the list of questions post lol)

  • it sounds like a lot, but if your dj can blend the pieces of songs together so that they flow, it would probably work okay.  If they're all totally different types of songs and it sounds choppy, then I would cut back to maybe 2 - 3...



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    @kryan32  thanks for the suggestion. I didn't think about if the DJ would be able to blend it or not
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