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Are these songs over-done?

I really do not want a cliche` or over-done song for my first dance or my father daughter dance song... 
First Dance: 

1000 Years by Christina Perri

I fell in love with it when it first came out, then they put it in Twilight and I feel like people will think that's where I got the idea?
Good or bad first dance song? I was also thinking of maybe having my dear friend who is singing at the ceremony sing this song while I walk down the isle? Obviously I wont use the same song for both.. 

Father-Daughter Dance

Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks

I heard this song on the radio for the first time in so long just yesterday, as I was looking for songs and it made me cry. I fear its "too perfect" for a father daughter dance and it is probably over-done? I have no idea though.. is it?

Re: Are these songs over-done?

  • ElcaBElcaB member
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    I completely understand where you're coming from. I feel the same way about incorporating certain elements into my wedding that I've always loved but have only recently become trendy. But my advice is, if you love it, keep it! Don't sacrifice your wants just because they're popular. 
  • When I read the title of this thread I was thinking more overdone stuff like "From This Moment" and "Butterfly Kisses."

    I think your choices are fine. And I'm saying that as someone who doesn't like "Twilight." ;)
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  • imo, if the songs speak to you, then they're perfect for you wedding  :)

    Hope your day is awesome!


  • For stuff like this, I think that whether or not the song is overdone is irrelevant.  What's most important is that they're good songs to represent the you and your relationship with your FI and your dad.  If those are the songs you'd like to use, go for it!  :)
  • Like a PP said, I was expecting "Butterfly Kisses" or "At Last". I don't think either of your songs are overdone. I say go for it!
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  • I love stealing Cinderella and do not see it as overdone at all-- I actually have never even thought of/considered it/seen it at a wedding-- but think it would be a great choice!

    1,000 years sounds like its getting popular; but if you like it, then use it-- I think its always on people's list, but people end up not going for it for they think it will be overdone.  It was on my processional list, but chose to go with "Marry Me" instead.

    There are plenty of wedding songs that could be overdone, but if its special to you I would not let that stand the way.

    Think of the last wedding you went to-- what did they use?  If they used maybe think of something else (if guest lists are similar).  Otherwise, don't worry about it.


  • I say who cares and do what songs you want! It's your day and you don't want to not have the song you really want because of someone associating it with Twilight. And to be honest- think of every wedding you've been to. You watch the dance for 10 seconds and then its back to drinking and talking.
  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH member
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    My nephew got married last weekend (I have a MUCH older brother so at the ripe age of 32 I have two adult nephews) and used A Thousand Years for the bridal party entrance and the instrumental version for the bridal entrance.  I was pretty disappointed because I had planned to use that and I don't want it to seem like we are copying them.  

    I'm still pushing for it to be our first dance because the song was on the radio as I parked my car at our first date location and it played on the radio right before he proposed.  :)  It WILL be played at some point during the reception...  LOL

    I say go for it if you love the songs...
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  • These songs are really lovely! I have never heard either of them played at weddings, and its unfortunate because they are really great for walking down the aisle AND father/daughter dance. Excellent choices!! Wedding Countdown Ticker
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