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Candy Bar

My fiancee and I are planning on doing a candy bar... Is anyone else planning one of these? I think they look awesome and are a great way to incorporate color into your reception... I'm just lost on how much candy to get? What size bags do I give people so I don't have to buy 175 lbs for 175 guests? Anyone else in the same boat?


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Re: Candy Bar

  • I don't know anything about candy bars but i know as a guest I enjoy them for the most part. I would think you should be fine with smaller bags as long as you have a decent assortment of candy? I've never taken more than like 1/4 lb (I feel like even that is too high!) I just take what I like.

    That wasn't helpful at all but I hope it gave you some idea :)
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  • Do not get huge bags. I would get small or small into medium size. Are you doing them for favors?
    My friend did a candy bar for her wedding and the bags were kind of big so the guests thought they could fill it to the top and she ran out of candy. I am thinking about doing it as well bc it is so cute at weddings but if I do, small bags will be what I get.
  • Thanks! Yes it will be our favors (along with the placecards which are going to be mini manilla envelopes with wildflower seeds inside.) I couldn't think of many other ideas because so many weddings I've been to lately have had photobooths (and I don't want anything that will take people off of the dance floor!) and I personally don't like when I go to weddings and the bride and groom give stuff out with their names on it. I know nobody other than my parents would have something out at their house with my name on it, haha.
  • You definitely don't need 175 lbs for 175 guests. I found this candy buffet 'calculator' http://twp.typepad.com/blog/2012/05/how-much-candy-candy-buffet-calculator.html that will help give you a starting point! I think they are giving 3 oz of candy per guest in their calculations.
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  • @kristbot that's so helpful! 

    I'm doing a 'sweets table' as we call it here in the UK at my home reception when we get back from Vegas, I was thinking small bags are the best bet so that people don't take loads! I'm hoping everyone will be full up from the food that they won't take too much anyway. 

    I've purchased these fantastic jars to display the sweets/candy in:

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  • I am definitely having a candy bar at my wedding! Our venue has canisters that we can use if we'd like. Thanks for posting that link @kristbot! It was very useful!  
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