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I'm engaged!!!!

I am so happy to finally be able to post on the fact that I'm engaged!!!!!

My fiance proposed to me over Memorial Weekend and my mother was able to record the whole thing! My mother was off from work so she was already home. My (now) fiancé came over our house and asked me if I remembered where we had our first date. I couldn't remember the name but I described it well enough that he knew what I was talking about. It was Houston's. So he said lets go do lunch there with my mother and baby sister. I didn't think nothing of it because quite frankly, I was hungry =) So we went to Houston's which was right by the water. We had a lovely lunch and the weather was gorgeous so I asked if we can go walk on the boardwalk. He smiled at me and said "of course". As we're walking I wanted to stop and take a picture with him with the gorgeous water background. After my mom took a couple of pictures I was satisfied enough to be ready to go home. He insisted that we go ahead and just walk to the end to see what's over there. Well, the end of the walk was literally a dead end. We took another picture on my phone. After my mom snapped the picture I grabbed my phone back and started looking at the picture. I noticed my mom grabbed her phone and I asked her if she was trying to take a picture of us again. She casually played it off and said no she was taking a picture of the water. Yup, I believed her. I started say that we were at a dead end and that we had to turn around. Next thing I know, my hand was grabbed and my fiancé was bringing me towards him. He started to say, "some dead ends mean new beginnings".... as he was getting down on one knee. I couldn't keep myself together. The tears were coming down as he stared into my eyes and told me how much he loved me. It was perfect. I said yes and received my gorgeous Neil Lane ring! I turned around and my mother captured the entire thing on film! I found out from the time we were at our house to the dinner table, they were passing the rings back in forth to each other without me noticing! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for letting me share this with you all!

I'm uploading the files, not sure if it will come through. I'm at work right now, but if the pics don't show I will upload it once I make it home =)

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Re: I'm engaged!!!!

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