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Getting in Shape

Need some exercises for toned arms

I would love to tone up my arms before getting into my dress ! Any suggestions? What has worked for you?

Re: Need some exercises for toned arms

  • Thanks so far guy, and especially Liatris for the warm welcome!

    I'm a wimp when it comes to arms - I;m all about stomach and legs.
    Only things that I do so far that seem to be a struggle on the arms are some planks/pushups .

  • Up/down planks-I hate these but I love them!
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  • Have you tried those medicine balls?  I have one and you can do 10 exercises in 30 minutes and it works perfectly to tone and you can do it at home!.  I can send you a copy of the pdf if you would like.   
  • I just got a medicine ball. Would love to know some exercises you can do with it. Thank you!
  • If you're on Pinterest, there are plenty of pins in the Health and Fitness section that gives you pictures and instructions on great workouts for different parts of your body.  
  • I have never done much arm work....do you think arm exercises bulk up arms too much?

  • @mandytimmerson - no. They won't at all. The woman you see who look "bulky" and "jacked" are either genetic freaks, or on something. Physiologically, we don't have the testosterone levels capable of inducing such large changes in our muscles.

    Besides - even if they do get more defined, at least the triceps don't flap :)
  • I like doing tricep dips as well as dumbbell and kettlebell exercises. There are also a ton of youtube videos you can watch to help tone your arms. I usually do the Blogilates or Tone It Up videos on youtube and have noticed a difference in my arms. Hope that helps!
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    Make sure you do a full upper body workout, not just biceps or chest (have you ever seen those guys that are ripped in the front but scrawny in the back because they can't see their back so they don't work it out?).

    Anyway, do chest or upper back first, followed by upper back or chest, then shoulders, then biceps, then triceps. And start with at least 8 lb weights (more if you can!). I can't stand seeing girls at the gym curling 5 lb weights and looking around because they're bored.

    ETA: And it took me years to gain size in my shoulders and biceps. And I was sooo excited.


  • To add on to what @xcalygrl said - it also depends on the exercise/angle of your arm. If you are doing anything that works the rotator cuff (the stabilizers in the shoulder + internal and external rotation) those are small muscles. You should be working those with light weights.

    Not every exercise requires a huge weight to be successful. If your goal is 10 reps, and with a 5 lb weight you could easily do 20. Yes absolutely go up in weight. Reps 9 and 10 should be really hard to do,  but you should be able to do them properly/with good form.
  • I feel 
    xcalygrl said:
    Only start with 8lb weights if you can. Don't try to over exert yourself, which leads to injuries. If you pick up a weight and don't feel comfortable with it, adjust the weight until you are comfortable. Lifting weights should be challenging, not dangerous. Just for the record, not all the ladies using 5lb weights are bored. I lift more, but I know a handful of ladies that use 5 and 7.5 lb weights. They feel challenged with those weights because of the way they workout (high reps, low weight). Weights, just like cardio, is not a one size fits all approach.
    Everyone thanks so far this is very helpful and much appreciated.

    I am comfortable with five pound weights I want to try to increase that though so thanks for the tip.
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