Store Reviews - Day one of the dress hunt (Larger Sample Dresses)

Hi Ladies - I just wanted to write a quick note to all the size 14/16 size ladies in CT looking for samples to try on.

I went to Stylish Impressions in Farmington with lots of recommendations from other brides here on the boards and it was GREAT!!! Cristina was amazing, she was helpful and let me try on tons of styles and helped me figure out what looked good on my body. There was not one dress that I picked up or that she recommended that I could not try on. Most of her selection is all larger samples. Don't even think about it - book an appointment.

Bridal Bells in Berlin.....I was extremely disappointed. She may have official plus size dresses but she had nothing in what I was looking for. Two dresses she pulled were too small and i couldn't get them on. ALSO they were NOT any of the designers listed on the cheap cheap for $999. She was not helpful, the store is cramped, and overall I just wouldn't recommend it.

Brides to Be consignment....the dresses may be samples but they are dated. Be prepared, you are not walking into vows from TLC with all the latest fashions. Again, I am looking for satin and there was only one dress in my size and it was $1,100....not exactly a bargain. If you know what you are looking for and are willing to do alterations - I have heard amazing things about their seamstress but you will need to use your imagination.

Next on my list is another round at Stylish Impressions and then to Julie Allen in Newtown (which is where the one consignment dress I liked was from).

Good Luck Ladies!!

Re: Store Reviews - Day one of the dress hunt (Larger Sample Dresses)

  • As excited for you! I know some brides haven't enjoyed their experience with Stylish Impressions but I had a great time and I LOVED how I could try on so many dresses! I went with an Allure 8850 and it was perfect after Evette did my alterations!

    If your heading out to Newtown, I also had a pretty good experience at Occasions bridal in Bethel, they are pretty close to each other in proximity. My biggest issue with them was that its a very very tight boutique and they honored walk ins with rooms over my group that had an appointment so it became frustrating. But good selection of PS dresses.

    Really glad you had a good experience!
  • I will add them to my list as well!! Thanks! :-)
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    Have you checked out Mariella's in Rocky Hill?  My friend got her dress there and she wears a size 20.  The nice thing about Mariella's is that they will not pull a dress that is over your budget.  I had a good experience there, I just ended up finding a dress I liked better somewhere else.
  • i have an apt at bridal bells i hope my expeirence is better than yours.. she has julietta gowns by morilee and i called her and she has 3 of the 4 that i want to try on.. and she has them close to my size 22. 

    thinking about stylish impressions but my budget is 1100 max they have allure gowns,, and plus.. 

    bridestoobe in glastonbury went dresse were dated in the plus sizes. i dont think they really scout out dresses as much as vows does. she did tell me her plus gowns dont come in often and dont fly out i had gone there a year before my second time and the dress i tried on when i took my best friend was there morliee
    gown from 2009 the halter was in bad shape. and i hate halters she had it in a size 20 26 and 28 in the store. the 26 was also damaged the halter we were looking to have the halter with added fabric made into straps and illusion sleeves. but me and my mom went home thought it over and was not the dress for me as it had some flaws on my body. all her dresses are in a zippered organizer on paper there is no computer. and the other dresses she had for me were just ugh... 
    they do say they order dresses when needed according to the website but i dont think they really do.

    mariellas does not have anything in over a size 16 to try on they did have one size 20 sample did not make an apointment as i want to try on more than one dress

    love the bonny line no one in the state has the plus line.. but stars of avon is getting 3 bonny  dresses on loan to try on. ( they deal with the bonny bridesmade)  i also found place in chicopee ma that has more of the bonny unforgettble plus line that i like higher laced backs, short laced sleeves or cap sleeves.. going to make an apt with them 

  • I just bought my dress!!! Woooo!! I'm so excited. I went to Julie Allens in newtown CT last night. They are HUGE. They've been in business for 43 years...I had no idea. Tons and Tons of stuff!

    My experience was really great!! I told them what I wanted and my budget and I walked out with exactly what I had been looking for!!!!! 

    Check it out ladies!
  • were the prices at julie allens expensive my budget is 1200 max but maybe 1500 if the dress was right
  • glad you found your dress i went to bridal bells this weekend and had the best eperience ever this was my second time gown shopping, first time was at brides tobe in glastonbury which i had no luck with a dress at all. at bridal bells my size 22 fit into gowns from 20-26 some were huge on me i went and tried on same designers and sizes at brides tobe and non of the samples fit right.. i narrowed it down to 2 dresses but checking out stylish impressions next saturday to see what they have 
  • I told my consultant at Julie Allens what my budget was and she only brought dresses that I could afford - my budget was exactly yours
  • show us the dress!
  • First Time uploading a photo - here goes....
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