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So i have a small budget for my flowers and 6 bridesmaids my bouquet my mothers, grandmother coursage and my father his fathers my brothers and my little nephews boutineers the men are having superhero boutineers. any way every has really high prices for bridesmaids and bride boutquets so i just wanna buy the product and make them myself i'm just not sure which will be better real or fake flowers what do you ladies think? oh its all roses.
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Re: Real VS Fake Flowers

  • Fresh roses are some of the cheapest flowers around, unless it's around Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Faux flowers that are realistic looking will cost as much or more than fresh flowers.

    If you have a Costco or Sam's Club membership, check their websites for floral links. They have some of the best prices and every review  I've seen has been positive. I ordered our fresh flowers from Costco directly (at the store, they have a florist), but I ordered their 20 piece white rose wedding package for $399, which was a steal.

    Good luck.


  • Go to Silk flowers, absolutely gorgeous (mine arrived to day), and a reasonable price! I know they have some roses.
  • I did both if you can find realistic stems, you can.

    Fake does make it easier for a diy project.You can do your flowers way in advance,if you a lot to do.

    If you want something real,you can grab book or projects for net.Go to your local grocery store or nursery to place the order.

    For mix and match..real and fake. You can the flowers you give real for your wedding party, yourself and parents. Then to save time, you can use the fake flowers for the centepieces.


  • I think it REALLY depends on the kinds flowers you use. I think if the flower is a natural shape, color, and texture it makes a huge difference, especially on your budget. 

    Mine are "real touch" calla lilies...I was quoted up to $20 per stem at the local florists, but using artificial brings it down to less than $5 per stem...and that price difference can go to something that is more important to me overall than the flowers.
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  • I am using real roses for our bouquets and boutonnieres but fake flowers for our centerpieces.


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    Use real flowers.
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