Marriott North- Cranberry

I am thinking of having my reception at the Marriott North in Cranberry.  I was wondering if anyone else has had their reception there?  I grew up in Pittsburgh, but currently live in Philly so I won't be able to go visit the location for a few weeks.
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    I'm having mine there next February!  So there's not much I can tell you... but Renee, the wedding coordinator, is very nice.

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    We were looking north, and decided against the Marriott, but not for any bad reason (just liked The Chadwick better for our needs).  A friend of mine had her reception at that Marriott, and it was nice.  The appetizers/cocktail hour were out in an extension of the lobby, though, and they wouldn't let you in the main room at all during that time so you couldn't really set your purse down or anything.  My friend had a really big wedding so this was a little crowded, but it was a nice space - kind of a sunken middle area with some tables set up and the appetizers down there, with bars at intervals on the upper level around it.  I can't remember much else - sorry. 

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    I'm late to this, but one of my best friends had her reception there in 2008. Its a beautiful venue, very new and nice. My biggest complaint was what SAHM said - the cocktail hour was in the lobby. It felt very strange. Guests were checking into their rooms at the front desk and you are sitting there drinking/eating. The gift table, card box, etc were also in the lobby area where anyone could access them.  My friend also said that it was a bit overpriced for what she got.  I think she said it was $80 per plate, which is about twice as much as 4 Points Sheraton right down the road, and honestly, the two ballrooms look identical. HTH!
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