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Getting in Shape

a motivational blog post


I came across that post on MFP and wanted to share because I find it very motivational. Part of me always worries that I'm going to lose all this weight and then get comfortable to the point where I start letting bad habits creep back. It's always wonderful to hear about people successfully keeping weight off.
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Re: a motivational blog post

  • This is the story I strive to have.  Unfortunately I have the added details of being a person who easily falters and falls when life gets to be too much and kicks me in the a**.  About (wow, hitting me how long it's been) 6 years ago I began losing, and did well, I lost 85 pounds and was doing great until as I said, life really gave me a huge kick, everything changed pretty much all at once, and I ended up gaining it all back plus a little despite all of the hard work I had put in.  Let's just hope that I can learn from my mistakes and maintain healthy habits this time even through whatever may come.  I was glad to read this story, since my goal again seems so far away and so unachievable at times.
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  • @pt - your doing all the right things now! you'll get there!
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