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So it's been a while and I guess these are over due. I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out on our June 18th wedding with the weather and all the vendors.

Venue for ceremony and reception
Armstrong Farms, Westminster Preserve. A+
The venue was beautiful, the set up was taken care of and we got to stay on the farm the whole weekend with our bridal party and family. The barn spoke for itself in beauty and the whole farm was gorgeous. Kathy can be a little hard to get ahold of. There were a few times that we tried to call and email with no answer. There were voicemails left and the email changed without notice, which means we were emailing an old account and didn't know it  That being the only complaint I have about the place means I give it high marks, and I am very picky.

Caterer and cake
Jody's Pantry, which is now JPC Events Group. A++++++++++
Rick was wonderful to work with and they let us taste the food before placing a deposit, which was a big deal for me.  The displays were beautiful when they set up the action stations and every person told us the food was wonderful. They kept the stations up until people stopped eating, which was about two hours total. There were a lot of people going for seconds and even thirds and the staff just kept serving and cooking until everyone was done. They even made it a point to check on my Grandma and my brother who is in a wheelchair to see if they wanted anything else.
The cake they made for me was wonderful. I found a design nd they created it exactly how I wanted. It could not have been more perfect. They did more than I expected when it came to the day of the wedding and I highly recommend them for any event. They are more than worth the tasting trip to New Castle.

RnK Photography A+
Ron and Ken were fun to work with and gave us the proofs very quickly. All of our photos were posted on the site within four days of the wedding. They came early, there was no time limit, and they were fairly creative when it came to the still shots. They could have been faster to catch the funnier shots when my H and I were making faces and goofing off. There were also a few shots that were missed, like the guys boutonniere that I had hand made and the popcorn bar we had at the end of the night. Looking back I wish I had done more with the entire bridal party and something a little more fun for the group pictures. There could have been more art in their work, but overall the shots they gave us are plentiful and beautiful. The price was great and the service was fantastic.  Here is the website if you want to see their work, and the prices start out around $1250 with full rights to every proof.
Event Name: Amanda and Sung
Password: June 18

Phoenix Entertainment
DJs Brude and Kim Jennings. A+++++++++++++
Amazing. They took teh time to personalize our wedding and gave great suggestions when we didn't want the usual bridal type music. They were early to set up and the ceremony and reception went off without a hitch. They had lights and every song we wanted. If someone requested something they didn't have in their computer they used a backup program online that allows them to play any song you can think of. Bruce's announcements were proffesional and easy to listen to. They kept teh dancefloor full all night and I couldn't be happier with them.

Bridesmaids Dresses
The Exquisite Bride- Murrysville-B+
We ordered the dresses from there because I put a deposit on a dress then found out my groom wanted me to wear white, not silver. They were kind enough to let me cancel the dress for myself and apply the deposit to the BM dresses. We ordered Impressions dresses. Some came in wrong, and were promptly corrected. They were slightly disorganized and could not find the card with all of the information on it when one of my girls went to pick up her dress. They do not keep records of payments in the computer, only on the brides card, which means that if they can't find the card with the payments, you can't pick up your dress. We had to go back a second time to pick up her dress. Everyone was very nice and willing to correct the problems we had with the dresses,
Bridal Alterations
Yolanda- Micheal's Bridal Galleria
Yolanda came highly reccomended to me and I was very happy with her work. Her attitude about htings, not so much. She was somewhat loud, oppinionated and pushy when it came to my desicion making. When I said I wasnted something one way she tried to get me to do it how she liked it, but in the end it was don'e how I wanted. The dress was taken in too much the first go round because she took in the top of the dress where I )very specifically) told her I wanted left alone. When I tried it on and it was too tight she tried to convice me it was fine. She put a-cups into my dress and I am a regular D, so the cups did nothing but smoosh me down. I had her remove them and lower them so they would look right. At the last fitting she had done this and taken the sides back to their original position and the dress fit perfectly. There was a discrepancy with the quoted price and the price charged after some changes were made and I feel I paid too much for what she did for me.

Bridal Dress Purchase
David's Bridal- McKnight Road- Justin
I went into this location after having no luck at almost every other bridal store in teh tri-county area. I was looking for something specific and Justin was determined to help me find that. After trying on every ball gown in teh store he pulled one fro the back that had literally just come off the truck. He wasn't supposed to show me as it wasn't scheduled for release until the following week. I fell in love with it and ordered it right away. He called me the next day to tell me that he couldn't order it yet because it wasn't released but he did find me a $50 refund because he could order it without a train. Taking the train off the order not only refunded me that money but saved me teh alterations cost of removing it. I was very happy with his help and he was a lot of fun. He got that I wasnted something different and was excited with me. He also helped my mom find her dress when we went to pick mine up.

Edited because I realize I sounded snotty and this was not my intention
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    Kathy called me after having read my review and we discussed the problems we had with communication. It seems there was a change in email during our planning that was not recorded properly. She apologized for this and all is well. I also want everyone to know that the communication issue was very small and in no way shows how this place runs. She is very charming and helpful and full of answers. I come back to edit this so long after because I realize the first go round did not say enough about the venue. As I said before, I am very picky. I could not be happier with Kathy and the entire Armstrong Farms experience. Everything on the day of the wedding went smoothly as well as the rehearsal dinner. She was always there at the farm on the day of to be sure everything was taken care of and in order. I highly recommend this venue and hope that everyone will find my revue helpful.
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