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Need some ideas! Not wedding related!

I have a couple things.. I'm my FI's Troop FRG Treasurer. Basically I was just a name to fill the volunteer spot and never did anything in the past year. The new commander is super involved and really wanting to do a lot of fundraising. I'm trying to brainstorm and come up with some unique fundraising ideas. We're doing bake sales and carwashes, garage sales, etc. I was wondering if any of you have any ideas. I'm a photographer and thought of doing family pics for families on post as a fundraiser. Good idea?! Also, for the ball this year there's a centerpiece competition. Each troop has to come up witn 3 creative centerpiece ideas. So I'm trying to brainstorm for that. So yeah, throw out some suggestions. Lol . I'm so not creative.

Re: Need some ideas! Not wedding related!

  • I think the family photos thing is a great idea. I'd be wary, but a lot of units here do stuff like that. One squadron did photos with the aircraft, and a lot of the wives got really into it, dressing up like pin-ups, etc. It worked well as a ball fundraiser. 

    As far as the centerpieces, I really liked what we did at my wedding (duh). We made photo lanterns with pictures of Americans we admire, along with a patriotic quote or patriotic bio about each one. 

    The head table was the Barack Obama table, and it had a black and white photo of POTUS on one side, "Table 1" on the second side, and an Obama quote on the third. "The men and women who serve in our battlefields may be Democrats and Republicans and Independents, but they have fought together and bled together and some died together under the same proud flag. They have not served a Red America or a Blue America - they have served the United States of America." We also had an Eisenhower table, a McGovern table, a Max Cleland table, and a whole bunch of others . 

    You could do famous Army heroes, MOH recipients with their stories/shortened citations, etc.
  • Our most successful fundraisers are usually t-shirts.  We have a few graphic designers in our FRG and they do amazing things.  We've also done stickers for car windows, magnets, shadow boxes, bbq dinners and doughnuts.
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  • Woo hoo thanks ladies!!! Yeah our squadron has done tshirts. I think we're planning to do a troop shirt.
    I really think it would be fun to do the photos for people and It's good to hear it was done before and was a success!!
    Icant-That's a pretty cool idea with the centerpieces! I'll have to talk with FI and ask if there's anybody specific in the history of the CAV that would be good on a centerpiece like that. I'm sure there is !
    We're having a bake sale tomorrow. So hopefully that brings in some money. Our accnt is very low and the commander wants a certain amnt in the accnt at all times.
    We don't have any graphic designers around but I'm sure we canc come up with something. Thanks for the ideas. :)
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