Hair Pricing?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to book my wedding day hair stylist and was just quoted $250 for the bride, that includes my consult and the day of (for all styles). Is that normal in the Pgh area?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Re: Hair Pricing?

  • Brooke rockwell is $60ish for the day of, with a trial I guess it would be 2 * $60.  Monica Kitta is $50ish, and Pretty hair salon I *thin is $70ish.  Regardless, those would be in the $100-150 range for day of and trial...and your pricing seems way high compared to that.
  • Agree w/ mdphd.  I've consistently seen pricing around $65 for the bride the day of the wedding--not including a trial. Some stylists discount the trial, some do not. Yes, that seems high. Do you have a preference regarding going to a salon (and if so, what area of the city) versus having a stylist come to you?
  • I thought that was high too but this was my first quote so I was unsure.

    Britt I rather a stylist come to the hotel I'm getting ready at (which was NOT included in the $250 quoted) but I'm ok with going out as well....I'm getting married in Oakland so anyone in the 25-20 min range of Oakland is fine with me.....

    Thanks so much MD! Your Awesome!
  • I've heard really great things about Brooke Rockwell, so it might be worth seeing if she is available on your date. She has a salon downtown but can come to you.
    Since you're in Oakland, you may also want to contact some salons in Shadyside. I've been to Dean of Shadyside and Sybil Salon and like them both, but there are tons of others.
  • That is def. way too high!!!

    I think the highest I have been quoted is $60. But then again I think I've had a bit of an advantage because I'm not a "downtown" Pittsburgh Bride. I would call around as much as possible. Use the Recommended vendr list. That's helped! I've also used my photographers blog to see where her brides have gone and that's actually how I found the place I think I'm going to go! And wouldn't you know it's the closest to my church and parents house! 

    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
  • We are using Brooke and she cuts my hair regularly. I can't say enough good things about her, she is beyond fantastic. We're paying $65, I cannot remember if that includes my trial or not. Even if it doesn't, that's still only $130.
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  • Thanks Ladies for the feedback and recommendations! It's greatly appreciated!
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