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mobile internet issues

when I use my phone's default internet browser (not sure what it is; I'm on android and it's just titled "internet") sometimes the boards work fine for me and others (maybe 60%) it loads 100% normal and then at the last second the page goes white and there's nothing. Anyone else have this issue? I've since downloaded Opera Mini and so far so good (though the post-log-in screen was a bunch of html code). But ideally I wouldn't need a separate browser just for TK.

Also, when I posted this on the E board a week ago (as it's my normal board) I got no answer and got flagged for spam, so that was awesome.

Re: mobile internet issues

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    Hi Kate, the internet issue with mobile is on our priority list right now to be fixed. Hoping to get an update next week.
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    Sometimes when I'm on the boards on my Kindle Fire i have the same blank screen problem.  There is also no auto capitalization or punctuation, but I'm not sure that's TK or Kindle.  It works on other sites.  
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    I have the same problem on both my android phone and Kindle Fire.

    @RebeccaB88 -  You can post from your Fire? I've never been able to. Do you have the first edition or one of the newer ones? It doesn't seem to recognize that I am clicking on a text box so I end up just lurking from there.


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    I have a newer one.  Received last Christmas. No problem posting but I don't have an app, just have the site bookmarked.  I'd really like auto caps....
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    Hmmm wonder if that would be why I can't post. I have the first edition. I don't have the app either. Very strange. Thanks letting me know. It has been bothering me for awhile!


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