Flower girl idea?

I am having a beach-themed wedding. I want to do something a little unconventional. For my flower girl, she will be carrying just an ordinary plastic beach bucket (like one that you would get at any old dollar tree) but I want to do something other than flowers but I don't think that shells would really work and sand would be too messy. Any beach-related ideas of what she could carry instead of the traditional flowers?

Re: Flower girl idea?

  • Is the wedding going to be ON the beach, or just beach themed?

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    I think I would just put some pebbles in it to provide weight and keep the shovel in place. You don't need anything sticking out of it.
  • Adding cerise with hot pink color for the flower girl will be good. Beautiful hair style with flower will be the great option  for your beach wedding. 
  • You can get blue glass gems at the dollar store (like marbles but with a flat bottom on one side)
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