Brides Please Help!! Wedding bumped up 6 months!! Need a venue

Hi Baltimore brides. Ok: my wedding date was original set for April 18th 2014 but for family reasons, it is being bumped up to October 12th 2013!


What i'm looking for number 1, is a venue in the Baltimore county-ish area that 1)allows outside catering  2) will accommodate 150-160 ppl and 3) will not force me into a time bracket. I've checked the gala center in windsor mill but they will only allow 3pm-8pm for 1500 and if I want my event to be later, I have to buy another slot for another 1500 - not happening. Originally, our budget was 20-25k, but now is 10 tops. I basically have everything except my venue, dress and officiant. 

The dress and officiant are easy (for me) but I just need to find a venue. Does anyone have any ideas? I need it to be inside and be within $2000 including extra set up time as I am diy-ing like everything. Even nice churches or community centers will be considered.


Any help would be great.


P.S Ive also tried diamonds event center in randallstown, they are a maybe. for them its like 2300 to get the extra hours I need.

and ive tried confettis in towson. they will hold a max of 160 but I would prefer a bit more space.



thanks so much bees!!!!!

Re: Brides Please Help!! Wedding bumped up 6 months!! Need a venue

  • This might be a little far but swan harbor farm is an awesome indoor outdoor venue.
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    Beautiful, inexpensive and allows caters :)
  • The Other Barn in Columbia

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  • oregon ridge in hunt valley is outdoor and very inexpensive 

  • Im getting married next June at The Other Barn in Columbia. Its a little further than Balto Co. but its pretty reasonable as far as price. They make you pay for extra hours but its only 100 per extra hour. We are booking from 3pm-1230 am ( for set up time),and it was 2200 however, 7.5 hours would have been like 1500.  They allow outside catering and you can bring your own alcohol :)

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you brides so much. Everyone has been so helpful. I think we are all set. We are going to be having at the american legion in baltimore county. I so wanted the other barn but it was booked. Our photographer is Daniel Sharpe in owings mills. I am still working on my dj though and my make up/hair artist. Our caterer is going to be sweet sensations llc in pikesville. they are freakin awsome. brides fyi check them out. We stumbled upon them on craigslist and they do like everything. I cant tell you what a nightmare its been to plan all of this by myself and with such little time. But ssllc is gonna do my food, bar, wedding cake, decorations, centerpieces AND my invitations. 

    Wish me luck knotties!! And the best to all of your weddings!!!!!!
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