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Do we have to have an engagement party?

What's the purpose? What's it for really?

Re: Do we have to have an engagement party?

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    You should not have an engagement party unless someone has offered to throw you one. If no one has offered, then no party. We didn't have one for that exact reason. And if you have already been engaged for a few months, the appropriate time for such a party has really come and gone.

    Honestly I don't really get the point of them either, but I think their purpose is traditionally to introduce the families to each other before the wedding, and just as an excuse to celebrate the engagement. To me it seems unnecessary, considering that the wedding/marriage is such a greater cause for celebration than the engagement itself.
  • Ditto Tiny Speck. I have only ever been invited to one engagement party, and I rolled my eyes at the invitation, sent a card, and didn't go. 

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  • It's not necessary, and, as tiny speck pointed out, someone would host it for you; you wouldn't throw it for yourselves. They can be fun and give families, relatives, and friends an opportunity to celebrate with the couple and get to know each other, but it's totally not necessary and won't be missed.
  • I don't know what purpose they serve for other people, but I think they're good for jump-starting the process of mingling the two families and social groups, especially if you live far away from one or both sets of friends/family.
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  • this post makes me feel so much better!!! :)
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