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Passing the 5 month mark!

So is anyone else excited about passing (or almost passing) the 5 month mark? I am although I have to admit that I'm a little nervous as FI and I have seemed to hit a stall. In the last month we've only gotten a few checks done. We decided on our DJ and I've bought my dress. I've also come up with a prototype of how I want to decorate the tables, and FI has agreed that he likes it. We have a family friend who runs a wedding planning and supply store, and she'll give us a discount on décor and we can order our invites through her and save a good chunk of money too! Hurray for helping out our budget :)

We still have so much more to do. Here's a list:

  • Decide if we want to go with a florist, order them from a discount flower place online or do the flowers ourselves, with help from a friend
  • Decide what flowers we want
  • Decide on design and order invitations (we were going to make them, but for the design I want, it is more cost effective to just order them).
  • Decide on and order Bridesmaid dresses.
  • Choose our cake design and make the first practice cake
  • Decide on décor for the church
  • Chose our unity candles
  • Decide what the guys are going to wear
  • Buy our wedding bands. We've found some we like, but they are more than we wanted to pay, so we have to decide if we're going over budget or if we keep looking.
  • Choose our ceremony music and the important reception songs. 
  • Get insurance for our reception (required by our hall) and our liquor licence
  • I need to find my shoes and undergarments for my dress, need by the end of August, as my dress fitting is then.
  • Decide on our honeymoon plans and book our hotel.
  • Get a block of rooms set aside for our out-of-town guests.
  • Plan our rehearsal dinner
  • Decide if we want to do a gift opening the day after the wedding, and plan it if we do (I'm leaning towards yes)
  • Decide where we spend the wedding night
  • Finish our registries; FI has given me the go ahead to go without him to add things, as long as he has veto power on things he doesn't like/think we need. I love going to the store and picking things out, and it is a less than desirable task for him, so I'm glad for online viewing of the registry.
  • Decide on our vows and work out our ceremony programming.
  • Decide if we'll have a photo booth or not, and book one if we do.
  • Put together a slideshow of pictures for the reception and rent the screen, I have a few friends with projectors, so I'm hoping we can borrow one.

It's a little overwhelming what all we have to and I'm sure I could add to the list if I sat here long enough. How are the rest of you doing with your plans?


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Re: Passing the 5 month mark!

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    I know date twin !!! 5 months  for us!! yay!!!!
    I need to get with the mister to confirm what the guys are wearing
    I need to get on the other BM to get them to order their dresses and work on shoes and jewlery for them.
    I need to get some shoes for myself and jewlery
    Start the pre-marital classes at church (coming this Tuesday)
    I need to work out.. :/
    and just make some more payments also figure out how much it wold be to add an hour to the reception and schedule the tastings.

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  • We will hit our 5 month mark at the end of the week. We have gotten a lot completed, now we are just focusing on the little details. 

    Before the end of June we will have checked off:
    -Our BM's and GM's attire minus a couple of GM because they are out of town so they will order their attire in July most likely.
    - We got our invites in a couple weeks ago so I plan to have my direction cards printed and my stamps all ordered so I can assemble and get them addressed before the end of July.
    - I pretty much have all my accessories in order besides my earrings. I plan buy them here in the next month so I'm still on the search for those.
    - FI and I will be booking our honeymoon excursions here soon. We have the honeymoon itself booked but we haven't decided exactly what we would like to do each day while we are there besides go to the beach.
    - We bought some decorations for the ceremony and reception, still have a long list of things to buy in that matter. 
    - We are now officially in the middle of our pre-marital counseling. 
    - The BM's pretty much have their accessories in order but the GM will probably decide on their extras once they are all fitted.
  • We have mostly everything handled save for a few small things. We are still on the hunt for a florist. We have to decide exactly how we want to decorate the ceremony space and the centerpieces. We have to make our escort cards, but that's still not for awhile. And we need to get a wedding band for me.


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  • We took care of the cake contract a couple of weeks ago. Meeting with the florist on Friday. Still need to decide on wedding bands.

    Those are the biggies I can think of ATM. It's Monday so I'm kind of braindead. Haha.
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  • wow I feel so far ahead.... I have all contracts dont I have met with all vendors I even have my favors/ favor wrapping and ribbon and invites ready I just need to piut it all together and thats happening on aug 3rd My bridesmaids have dresses ordered... I eas lucky because I didnt have to worry about a cake or liquor contract because its included in my vendor... It may be because i am an NYC bride and we have to get thongs done super early because vendors get snatched up fast like 1 1/2 or 2 years in advance

    but i do still need my garter 
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  • This is so exciting we are getting married November 2nd so we are about to hit the 4 month mark and I am freaking out. I do have about everything done. Only because I am OCD and I am planning from out of state I just wanted it done.

    All we have left is to book the limo for the day, buy our wedding bands, and get the invites ready!

    SO exciting !
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  • We just finalized the florist, we have the bakeries narrowed down to 2 that we need to set tastings up with, and then just finalize the favors and how it will all pull together.  So excited it's getting close!
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  • just ordered my invites! i think we're still a little "ahead" of our game plan. i'll definitely feel more accomplished when we start making final payments for our vendors.

    november 2nd seems to be coming quickly! definitely ready for our honeymoon!
  • Mom and I met with the florist yesterday...things are really falling into place. That takes care of the last of our vendors except we will probably need help decorating as it looks like we may not be able to get into our venue until the morning of the wedding, and we don't want to drag any friends or family into helping with that if at all possible.
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  • It is flying by. We are in the process of proofs for our invitations. Bridesmaids ordered dresses last week, bands are ordered, honeymoon is booked. We will need to figure out rehearsal dinner stuff soon I guess. My mom even got her MOB dress too!! It's a teal chiffon which I think will go great with the jewel-purple and deep pink of the bridal party. We are tracking down the required certificates for the catholic prep (need baptism certificates, etc., and mine are all over since we moved a lot). I'm so pumped. :)

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    pinterest, obvi.

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