Who Are You Using For Limo Services?

Does anyone have any good reviews on Limousine services for wedding? I am looking for a reliable company that won't charge an arm and leg! I have seen the Groupon Atlanta Deal for $135 but my wedding is lasting from 4-11 pm and they charge per hour after the hours are up. I don't want to spend a lot of money on the limo as we are driving from Loganville, GA to Avondale Estates, GA (Only like a 30-45 minute drive down Hwy 78). I honestly don't care about a limo but my fiance's parents seem to be "Appalled" at the suggestion of there not being a Limo to transport them. (Maybe I should make them chip in!) I looked into the party buses, but having a strip pole in the center while driving to my wedding location would not be ideal! I want to do a "One way" limo that will drop off, but pick up as well. I just DON'T want to be charged hourly. Hopefully you girls will be able to help me out! My budget is $1000 (for two limos!) One for the boys, one for the girls! Also, my fiance is Active Duty Army so if you know any companies that offer military discounts, it would be greatly appreciated! :-)  Thanks for reading! I look forward to reading your responses!
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Re: Who Are You Using For Limo Services?

  • We are using Atlantic Limouisine and Transporation.  We aren't renting limos, but rather two shuttle busses to transport guests to and from the hotel and wedding/reception.   I dont know the price of their limos, but they do have a dedicated wedding planner... Courtney Coleman, and she is very very helpful and responsive!


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