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My fiance and I are hoping for something outdoors in the Boise Area. I have been looking a lot at winerys/vineyards but am willing to look anywhere that have outdoor venues. There are so many options yet I feel like I am missing some that are smaller and less known. Any of you have ideas? 

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    There are several beautiful vineyards in the Boise area; if that's your thing, keep looking. We went with a golf course (Eagle Hills) which had an inside or outside option for both the ceremony and reception. They also will move your event inside if the weather gets bad for no additional cost. I'm sure other golf courses offer the same thing.. There's Plantation, Banbury, Falconcrest and some others I'm forgetting..

    There's always the botanical gardens, barber park, albertson's park (with some limitations).. Check out and and read a lot of reviews. All of my vendors were amazing and I didn't book with anyone that had shady reviews. PM if you'd like! This board is pretty dead usually.. :)
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    I got married at Sawtooth Winery just outside of Nampa. 


    There are a lot of other wineries in the area as well.

    There's also The Secret Place, Sunflower Lane (or something like that), and like PP said a lot of golf courses and botanical gardens.

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    Check out still water hollow in Nampa. Its an outdoor venue and it is absolutely beautiful! And the owners are such a pleasure to work with!!! I'm getting married there September 2014♥
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