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Midwest to Hawaii airfare

Hey Knotties!  My fiancé and I live in Ohio, and are planning our honeymoon to Hawaii.  We will be visiting Kaui and then Oahu, so will need tickets from Cleveland to Kaui, Kaui to Oahu, then Oahu back to Cleveland.  We are having regrets because the flight we want went up from about $960 to $1060 last week.  I'm thinking this $1060 ticket is still a pretty good deal, and am wondering if we should just buy now even though they were cheaper earlier?  Just worried they will go up again; that would really stink.  Vacation is 6 months out though, so there is still time to wait it out.  

Any thoughts or advice here?  Buying airplane tickets always seems like a game of risk... haha thanks everyone!!

Re: Midwest to Hawaii airfare

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    I just got back from Kauai a few weeks ago. I think it's great there! I recommend a few things. First check out the r/t flights into Oahu. They may be less even with the interisland air added in. Second, flight prices go up over the weekends, so if you just saw it go up yesterday, give it a few days. Also, check out the flight price predictor on Bing. You may not find it works into Kauai, but it should into Oahu. You can also track flights and averages on Yapta and it will alert you when the price goes down. I do think $1060 is a good price from the midwest, but why not give it a shot that it might go back down?


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    Wait until Tuesday to see what happens that is usually the best day for air fare
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    Thanks!! I checked out that Yapta website... looks pretty handy.  I'll be sure to check again Tuesday... I'm really hoping that price will go back down!
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    I just did a full-on Hawaiian island hop (and got engaged on Maui!) a couple months ago and I found that booking the base flight and adding the inter-island flights afterward worked best.

    My FH and I booked our flights about 3 months prior to departure and we paid around $900 CAD for the trip from Toronto, Ontario to Kona and from Maui back home. We went with United for these, but a friend of mine who is originally from Hawaii says that Delta is great as well, price-wise. Inter-island flights with Hawaiian Airlines were about $75-95/pp each way and they may go as high as $175/pp each way, but you can also check the smaller airlines such as go!, Mokulele, or IslandAir. I loved Hawaiian Airlines though. Very smooth flights and definitely more comfortable than the puddle jumper planes.

    Use the multi-city option to go from CLE-LIH and then HNL-CLE for your return trip, then all that's left is the single plane ride from Kaua'i to Oahu.

    Sorry if any of this is a bit confusing, it's nearly 3am and I might not be as clear as I think I am :) I hope this helps though!

    P.S. If you haven't been to Kaua'i before and you're adventurous, try to do the doors-off helicopter tour with Jack Harter Helicopters! That was the highlight of my trip to Kaua'i because you get to see all the parts of the island that are inaccessible by land :)
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    Depending on when you are going, I would hold off. I watched ticket prices for at least a month before I got my tickets and ended up getting tickets from nj to kona for $875. They usually go down at varying times on Tuesday. Sometimes the cheapest is Tuesday at midnight and sometimes it's at 3pm. It really depends so you kind of have to take a gamble. But it almost always significantly higher, like hundreds of dollars higher, later in the week. Most times Wednesday was already to late. That doesn't seem like a bad price, but if you have the time to ride it out, I would see if you can get it for the $960.
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    Personally I think that's a good price from the midwest and would consider booking; although I do trust Yapta
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    Where in the Midwest are you?


    We flew from Denver to Hawaii last September for about 600 a person. I think 1060 is quite high. I also think that 6 months out is too far in advance to book.

    A couple tips-------cheapest time to buy tickets is on the weekends. When you go to actually buy the tickets completely erase all browsing history and cookies on your computer.

    My favorite site to buy plane tickets from is :   cheapoair.com

    You can compare flights on: bookingbuddy.com

    I just got a flight to Seoul last week and paid significantly less than anywhere else I looked.

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    Careful booking inner island flights separate from your main one. I did that this December in Hawaii. We had a 5 hour layover in Honolulu, but our flight from Kauai was canceled. They got us on a later, but delayed flight and we missed ours. My FBIL, FSIL and I got extremely luckily and made it on standby, but FH did not. He had to pay a change fee, book a hotel and another day's expenses. It should have been more (difference in fare), but we met a nice AA employee. Because the flights were booked separately, neither airline had an obligation to worry about the other. So... You may save some money by booking separately, but it could be a much bigger headache in the end. Ps avoid Go Airlines at all costs.
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    I'm also pricing from the midwest (STL) and have been seeing the same rates as you mentioned. I also noticed if you can swing to fly ou midweek rates have been a little lower then flying the weekend
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