Questions to ask while browsing wholesale

Hello ladies! I am planning on going to a wholesale flower place in two weeks to check out prices for flowers I want for my wedding. I have the names of flowers and pictures as references, but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of good questions to ask while there? I just want to make sure I ask the right questions and everything. 

Also, I heard from a friend that you shouldn't tell them the flowers are for a wedding or their prices will go up- is that true? It seems silly to me. 


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Re: Questions to ask while browsing wholesale

  • I would avoid saying wedding as well.  I think the biggest thing is to ask what they would expect to have available at the time of your wedding and if the costs will be any different then.  Also ask if you can get a discount for buying in bulk.  I would also try and figure out how many flowers you will need before hand and becoming familiar with how the flowers are sold.  Some flowers will come with a specific number of stems in a bunch (e.g. hydrangea), others will not (e.g. baby's breath).  Bunch sizes will probably vary.  Some flowers will have multiple blooms per stem (e.g. lilies), some will only have one bloom per stem (e.g. standard rose).  You should be able to get a feel for all this by looking at wholesale websites.
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