Venues in or near downtown Milford?

We are thinking of either fall 2014 or spring 2015 for our wedding and my fiancé thinks our out of state guests would enjoy downtown Milford. It would also be convenient because there are places to hang out before and after the reception, plus it's close by the church and the Metro North line for our NYC guests. Any suggestions? I grew up in Milford and nothing really comes to mind in that area--maybe the Milford Yacht Club or Stonebridge? Or something that's near but not necessarily on the green? We are in the very very early planning stages but we also live in New Mexico so we only have a few times a year when we can scope out venues. Any suggestions or stories of experiences with different venues would be appreciated :)

Re: Venues in or near downtown Milford?

  • We looked at Milford Yacht Club and almost went with them however, they ended up being much more money for what they offered over the place we end up choosing. Aldarrios in Milford has a pretty large banquet room too. 
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    Ah I forgot about Aldarios-thanks!
  • There's Costa Azzura right on the beach in Milford too - they just completely re-did their banquet room. And they are just around the corner from Aldarios!
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