Anyone have DJ recommendations?

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Music will be one of the most important parts of our wedding - my fiancé and I are in the same band. So we are super particular about what kind of music will be played. Does anyone have any recommendations?

We need someone who's open to different and obscure music, someone who isn't cheesy, someone who will follow the music list that we give him, someone who has their own PA an possibly lighting and finally someone who rates are reasonable.

Any help is appreciated


Re: Anyone have DJ recommendations?

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    We used Matt Davis 410-868-8279
    He was open to playing all of the specific songs that we requested.  We discussed that if some of the more obscure songs weren't really working with the crowd, he had permission to move on to the next song.  He isn't cheesy and he got a lot of our requests in, along with similar selections of his own which followed the style of music we liked (we gave him permission to throw in his own choices).  He also brought his own sound equipment.

    Good luck!
  • DJ Jason Burns... he's affordable and one of the highest ranked on wedding wire.
  • @deedlebrd OMG - I know Matt (Im in a local band, so our paths cross often) I had no idea he did weddings...but I just tagged him on Facebook to let him know that now I know! Thanks!
  • I know two people who loved DJ Jacob Jenson with Absolute Entertainment at their weddings, and we'll be using him as we'll. he's very accommodating, but will also offer ideas if you need/want some.
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