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So my colors are red and black (red bouquets and blacks bm dresses) My reception venue gives me the option of a red, black or white table cloths. I am leaning toward white, since I don't like the look of red and black ones. That won't stick out too much will it? Also, I am getting an uplighting package. Does my uplighting have to be red? I really like the look of blue uplighting (wintery look) and my reception was moved to November. Will blue uplighting look weird with red flower centerpieces?

Also, what is the difference between a buffet and stations? I have never been to a stations reception. Is it a fancier buffet?

Re: Decorating Ideas

  • I would go with the white tablecloths - they won't stick out if you have your red and black colours elsewhere in the room. Perhaps have a red or black organza overlay to add a bit of colour without it being too much. Red or black tablecloths would be pretty dramatic and dark - the white will lighten things up.

    If your colours are red and black...your uplighting should not be blue. I think that will look funny...the uplighting will be high impact and should be one of the main colours. If you really like the blue look...perhaps you can think about changing your colour scheme? uplighting might look a little...scary. IMO

    A buffet is where you have a line and everything is offered from one table (this is the traditional way of doing it) the Stations is where your guests can choose to go to the pasta station and have fresh pasta made for them, or go to the meat carving station and get a roast beef dinner, some people have slider stations or poutine stations. It's more variety and since they are scattered throughout the room the lines can be shorter (unless there is one really popular station) I wouldn't say it's fancier - just different.
  • I Agree! White tablecloths! If you accent with red and black I think it will keep things looking classy and not over done. White tablecloths and red napkins maybe? And you could have like a black napkin ring/tie or something to add some black. Also, you can incorporate more of the black and red in your center pieces to really put the colors into your reception. I've also seen where people add silver/gray with red and black and i think that looks nice too! Just an idea :p

    I would stay away from the blue. I personally don't think the red uplight would look creepy. If those are your colors, i think it'd be a great way to add more to the room and set the atmosphere. There's always just clear/white uplighting but I think red would look better, especially if you have white tablecloths. 

    I like the idea of a buffet over stations. I think stations would get confusing and you might have people running around going from one station to another in no specific order. At least with a buffet there's only one way to go down the line and it just goes smoothly. Something to think about. 

    Good luck :) 
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