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Getting in Shape

Running Shoes - please help me choose

GiaspoGiaspo member
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edited June 2013 in Getting in Shape
I need to order new running shoes.  With all the new cool colors, I can't decide which to choose.  Which ones do you like better?

I currently have the Purple ones.

I have to choose between the Melon or the Black/Blue or the White/Pink ones.  If only bright colored shoes would help me run faster!!  


Re: Running Shoes - please help me choose

  • The melon one makes me think of a basketball for some reason...I would probably go white/pink (unless the blue on the black/blue is a light blue...then I would do that).
  • I love the melon ones! So cool!
  • I love the melon ones, but then again I love all brightly coloured workout gear!

    One thing to think about might be depending on where you run, the white ones might show dirt much more than colours... I stopped buying white shoes because I run on trails out back a lot, and after one step in a puddle, they are permanently discoloured.
  • are they identical with the exception of color?

    If they are - I LOVE the melon ones. Since I only wear mine for running I'd totally do them and i'm always on road/sidewalk so dirt is less of an issue for me :)
  • I'd go purple or orange.  I tend to not do white because of dirt, or black because I'm a crazy person who feels like they make my feet hotter when I run.

    Yay for new shoes!!
  • kaos16kaos16 member
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    I stay far away from white because I think they make my long feet look even bigger.  I am in love with the melon ones!!!!
  • GiaspoGiaspo member
    Knottie Warrior 1000 Comments 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    Thanks everyone!

    @bwils - yes, they are the same.  I was a diehard Asics 2100 series wearer but of course they've been discontinued.  These are the 2000s which are supposed to be the next generation (going backwards numerically, weird.)

    @choagie - I laughed out loud at your black sneaker comment... now I will begin to think the same thing!

    @Kaos - mine will be size 10 1/2, and I completely agree about the white.  Bigger feet is really not the look I'm going for.  
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