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Suggestions for places to take pictures in Eden Prairie/Minnetonka?

We are having our ceremony and reception at Bearpath but I would like to get some bride/groom pics taken at another location as well. Does anyone know of any pretty parks or other places in that area?



Re: Suggestions for places to take pictures in Eden Prairie/Minnetonka?

  • The Arboretum up in Chaska is beautiful, depending on the time of year. It's probably 15 min from Bearpath. There might be a fee to take pictures there though, so I would call to check.

    I'm partial to Round Lake in EP, but that's probably more because of childhood memories since I grew up right near there. :) If you want pics on the water though, that's probably the closest place to go. There is a dock that you could take pics on. It'd be super pretty at sunset.

    There's also Starring Lake Park, which might be good for sunset pictures as well.

    If I think of any others I will come back and let you know. I grew up in EP/Minnetonka so I'm sure more will come back to me. :)
  • Thank you! I found pics from Staring Lake yesterday online and it looked like they had a few picturesque spots If you think of any others before 7/13, let me know!
  • Lake Riley park is literally across the street from Bearpath. I've never looked at the park in terms of pictures but it has plenty of trees, and the lake. Plus there's a barn that you might be able to take pictures in front of. Miller Park has some nice wooded areas and a lake if you go back towards the playground and soccer fields. I think Staring Lake has some really nice photo spots but the best ones are a bit of a walk from any of the parking lots. Round Lake has so many ball fields/ice rinks/playground/beach type things that it is also a bit of a walk from the parking lot to a more natural location. I would definitely recommend checking out all of these parks in person prior to your wedding day. Spend some time walking around. There are some gorgeous spots but you will want to decide how far you want to be walking to a photo spot.
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  • I would also look at Purgatory Creek Park by the Southwest Station. Lots of flowers planted, small pond/lake with a dock. I have seen some really cool pictures there too!
  • I second the MN Landscape Arboretum.
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