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Hello ladies, Ok here is the thing, I am a part time event planner have planned my brothers wedding and several weddings for friends in other states (just moved to ga last year) and I really dont want to be the florist at my own wedding even though i can. So can anyone recommend a florist i can use which allows me to bring my own flowers i have a few wholesale floral places i have been using over the years and i want to supply my own.

Re: Recommend your florist

  • Just to make sure - You want the florist to assemble the flowers on location and you'd pay him/her to arrange them? Or you'd have the flowers delivered to the florist and he/she would arrange them and set them up at the site?

    I can't imagine that any full-time established florist would go for either. You'd be asking the florist to stand behind a product that he/she didn't order and to set aside a wedding date where he/she wouldn't get paid full price.

    You may be able to find someone who doesn't do it for a living, but is gifted in arranging flowers.

    Good luck!

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