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I have fallen in love with Ancaster Old Mill, and maybe I am just afraid of committing to a venue but I am having strange doubts. That maybe there is something that is out there that is equally as beautiful, but less expensive. The more I search, the more I fall in love with the Mill. Anyways, I have come to you ladies to see if you knew of any other venues with similar style for around 100 people. I live in Thornhill but I am willing to travel within an hour of my location.

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  • There's also the Cambridge Mill - but they're apart of the same company.  There's also the Old Mill, Casa Loma, Palais Royale in Toronto, The Distillery, Paletta Mansion in Burlington.  All beautiful places.  Good luck in your search.
  • Oh - and the Berkeley Church/Field House
  • Thank you for your suggestion! :)
  • I feel your pain! We also fell in love with the Ancaster Mill and the more we looked around the more we loved it. We ended up choosing the Ancaster Mill. For 100 people, you could do Spencers! Cambridge Mill is also beautiful but is actually more expensive. We also checked out Whistle Bear which is being completely renovated so assuming you are marrying in 2014 you will have a gorgeous venue. Their prices are currently less than the Ancaster Mill for very similar services.
  • I know! I keep looking at different venues and I've had appointments at a few places but I keep comparing it to Ancaster Mill. I guess that's a sign that I shouldn't ignore!
  • I had my wedding at the Alton Mill(just outside orangeville) we had 92 ppl. The venue and grounds were beautiful and it it right next door to the Millcroft inn-beautiful hotel and they can also hold weddings there-the nice thing about both locations is that each venue can only accomodate 1 wedding so no sharing with another wedding party! At the Alton Mill you are required to bring in a caterer and your own booze which can be cheaper. We had a beautiful tented outdoor space just off the reception room-if you want to see some pictures from my wedding send me a PM.
  • If you love the Mill then go with it!

    Spencer's is beautiful but pricey. It would fit 100 but be tight. Paletta is fabulous but fits I think 85 for dinner.

    The arboretum at the RBG fits 100 nicely and has beautiful gardens. It is affordable but the room rental is separate from the catering.

    If you are willing to go further west Knollwood Golf Club and Heron Point Golf Links also have great golf course facilities for 100.
  • I was at the Ancaster Old Mill for a wedding in January of this year and it was beautiful. The best part was the food - definitely the best food I have ever had at a wedding and that says a lot. I say go for it!
  • We officially booked our wedding with the Ancaster Old Mill! I am glad that we stuck with our instincts because we really love the venue!
  • You are going to love the Ancaster Mill!  We got married there almost 2 years ago and it was amazing.  I didn't have to worry about a thing the day of.  They took of everything.  I was worried when we booked that it was going to feel like it was just an assembly line of weddings but I honestly didn't notice any other brides except for when our time was up for pictures.  Which was fine because we just moved to another section of the grounds.  They are very professional and organized at the Mill.  They honestly gave us the perfect wedding day!  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
  • Thank you so much! That makes me feel even more confident in our decision. That has crossed my mind previously but I had confidence in their business because I have heard such great things.
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