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Engagement Announcements with a long engagement?

My fiance recently proposed to me, and of course I said yes. We're both 18 years old, and have decided to wait to have our wedding for a number of reasons (namely I ship off for the Air Force in three weeks) we're going to wait until early 2017 (we want a winter wedding).

I was wondering if we should send out engagement announcements or not? Of course we're going to have to go get our photos taken, and my mother has already volunteered to send out everything if we should. But then again, we don't really have an idea of when we want our wedding to be.We want it in late January, early Febuary of 2017, but haven't realy nailed down a date. I have 1/21/17, 1/28/17, or 2/4/17 all to choose from. So we couldn't put that on our announcements either.

So, do you think it would be appropriate to send out announcements to everybody now? Then again, we don't really want to send these announcements to people, then loose contact with them and they think that they are invited to the wedding when they aren't. I read that you should only send announcements to people that you intend to invite to the wedding. Or should we just let people find out by word of mouth and changing our FB status?

Re: Engagement Announcements with a long engagement?

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    I've never seen engagement announcements other than ones in the newspaper. 

    If I got one, I'd be like, Ummm, ok? Good to know? 

    I think unless you're having an engagement PARTY, nothing needs to be sent in the mail, unless you're thinking of Save-the-Dates. 

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  • The announciest thing I did was Facebook. I created a group and added just the few people I know for sure will be invited to the wedding, so I could ask them things like whether they had major dates I should avoid when choosing mine. FI's mom seemed to consider that an "announcement" even though everyone already knew.
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    Don't send announcements to people by mail. If you want to announce your engagement, I'd do that in the newspaper. Alternatively, if your family does an annual letter to friends and family at Christmas, I suppose you could include a note and photo with that, or just in your own Christmas cards, but I really wouldn't formally announce it. Wait until you actively planning and can send out save-the-dates to people who will definitely be invited.
  • Ok, we've decided to just change our status on FB and tell people at my upcoming going away party about it.
    tiny speck
  • That sounds perfect! And congratulations on your engagement :)
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