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Hi Knotties,

My Fiancee and I just put down a deposit on Uncommon Ground Devon (in Rogers Park). Anybody have any experience planning/attending a wedding there? I know, I need to ask them for references, but I thought I'd try here first! 


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    I tried starting a thread on this very same subject just recently, without any luck so I am keeping an eye on this space as well. 

    In the meantime, do you mind if I send you a PM to ask you a few questions?  It has been quite difficult to get a hold of Travis at Uncommon Ground at the Devon location and I have just about given up trying, however we love that place and I am still interested in trying to host a brunch there. Any info would be greatly appreciated! 

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    Ha. Go for it. We've had a terrible experience getting ahold of him too. It's simply because this is such an affordable, easily sustainable option with good food that we're even still dealing with them. But feel free to PM me. 
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