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I got married June 8th and had a great time here are my Reviews

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The Nutmeg Restaurant in East Windsor


I loved working with Paulino who is the wedding coordinator and manager he remembered who were each time we came in. They are very flexible and where willing to help. The food there is amazing and is the same exact quality that you when you eat at their restaurant. We had for dinner the filet mignon, chicken marsala and stuffed shrimp and I am still hearing back from people saying how much they enjoyed the food and the venue. They set up extremely fast and everything was set up perfectly the way I wanted it and it looked beautiful. My favorite part was that I had a bridal suite above the actually reception area to get dressed and just get away throughout the night. They had tables up there with seats and a private bathroom it was beautiful and had a terrace overlooking the gardens and a tower that I got ready in.  I would recommend this place to anyone who’s having a wedding for less than 80 people due to the size of the place. I am so glad my wedding was here and plan on doing more events with them in the future because the place is lovely and the prices are reasonable especially for the quality you got. You will not be disappointed! The only reason I did not give them an A+ is because our tables were not correctly in order and mixed up. But there was a miscommunication between the owner and Paulino and Paulino never got our final seating chart till I told him an hour before the wedding that there was a different chart with everyones names and how we wanted it. It turned out fine but was the only mistake I saw. I would tell anyone that is booking here just to make sure you speak with him at all times about the wedding or he is present when speaking with the owner.



Jordan Florist Windsor


The flowers were perfectly the way I wanted it and they were beautiful, they even did not put babies breath in as a filler which I forgot to ask for because I hate them and it smells gross. But they didn’t do it so I was happily and excitedly pleased. I had them give me 20 loose gerbera daisies (white) for our center pieces and 3 small white gerbera daisy bouquets for the bridesmaids and my bouquet which was hot pink gerbera daisies.



Dave Stevens Vernon



I Have known Dave since I was a teenager and he would take pictures of my brothers band. I ran into him at a job I had and asked if he did photography still. He did and he agreed to do my wedding. After we agreed on a price which I was very pleased about I hired him and he even came out to the venue 6 months before the wedding to look at the place and show him where we would like pictures. I very much enjoyed him being there and his assistant it was great to have two photographers because during the day I had one and my husband had one that showed all the prewedding activities. Dave is very professional and was great to work with he checked up on me every couple of months and let me know what he would need. I would recommend him to anyone that wants a photographer but doesn’t have $1000 or more to spend on it.


Kenneth Pontrelli


I would not recommend him to DJ anyones events. I put a ad on craigslist and he contacted me and gave me a reasonable price ($450) I agree and I meet with him and went to one his events to see how he was. He was very nice and told me he was very flexible and even if he didn’t have music he would get it. And he too also met with us at the venue to see the space and plan. I was happy with our choice until about a month before our wedding when I had to change a few things. Where he told me  it was late in the game to change anything and to keep requesting more music that he even had to pay for some of my instrumentals and “not for the price I gave you.” I was extremely upset. But that’s what I get. His djing at the event was ok he played some odd songs that I wouldn’t have played and there was a large pause after we kissed at the ceremony and had to wait at the alter for it play before we walked so it was awkward. He was also pretty snippy throughout the event.  But that’s what I get for going the cheap route. I wish I had used someone else but oh well


I had my brother videotape the ceremony and other stuff My bridesmaids brother was supposed to do it but couldn’t and I didn’t know till the day of the event so My only wish was that I had someone that was there just for that because my brother did his best but missed a lot. But it turned out good I enjoyed watching them before we left on our honeymoon!


Hair and Makeup

Lisa from


I am soooo glad I chose Lisa she was funny nice and did amazing work! My hair and makeup stayed on all night and my curls never fell. She did great work travelled for us and did even charge us for it and even put fake eyelashes on all my bridesmaids for free. I gave her a large tip for it because she did not need to do that but she was just amazing. Her prices were extremely reasonable and I would recommend her to everyone. She went above and beyond and was great to work with. Her actual saloon is located in manchester. I promise to anyone that needs hair and make up for themselves or others that she will not disappoint!  If i knew how to post pictures I would show u but I dont haha

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