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date twin anyone? May 3, 2014


Re: date twin anyone? May 3, 2014

  • I'm sure you won't need to worrying about staying'll be hot by our date.. I'm getting married outside at flamingo :)
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  • So we will both crash Maibel if it rains.  Hope she has plenty of room!
  • We will actually be getting married at the Fountain Terrace @ Four Seasons (which is sort of near the pool). So you won't be getting dry where we are!! What time is your ceremony?

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  • It's right at sunset.  Around 6:30 or so.  I'm assuming we are going to be right after you.  How exciting!  Maybe I can borrow your officiant when you're done with him.
  • I just had a brief 'OH sh*t!' moment!!!! LOL - The Four Seasons will not confirm until 5 more weeks so the suspense is driving me crazy! Are you going directly through Four Seasons (as opposed to thru Mandalay Bay) - when I was researching it seemed that was the only way to get both the ceremony/reception in that area? That is going to be really beautiful at sunset!!!

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  • I had the same moment, and I was about to call my fiance to see if she has a handle on theknot.

    We went directly through Four Seasons, although both them and Mandalay are owned by MGM, so I wouldn't think there would be a difference.  Also, I am confused about what you mean when you say they won't confirm until 5 more weeks.
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    We are using one of the Mandalay ceremony packages and are upgrading our location (so I believe we only have it 45 minutes of the day) but was told by my coordinator that it's the Four Season's policy not to confirm until 9-months ahead of time. It's been a total P.I.T.A. because I haven't been able to book a single vendor and everything is hypothetical. I actually emailed her this afternoon and got an auto reply that she is out of the office until Sept 18th!! I'm hoping that is not accurate.....
    if you don't mind I have a few questions and am going to send you a PM tomorrow

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  • I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.  I can tell you right now that we were confirmed about 12 months ahead of time, but as you pointed out, that was directly through the Four Seasons.  I don't know what separate policies they have when dealing with MB, but I can't think of a reason for such a strange waiting period, especially if you are ready to sign deposits.
  • Well MB had no problem taking my deposit regardless! figures!!

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  • That's my date too it's sooo  exciting !!!!!

  • Does that make 5 of us?!  

    Congratulations @cristal231!  Where will your wedding be?  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • 5 weddings?  Gonna be crowded in @Maibel03 's ballroom when it rains...
  • You're more than welcome to join us at the Shark Reef at 9:00AM! My bet is you will still be sleeping!

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  • Hey now! I rented out the bistro at our venue! So i won't have to join you all in the ballroom! :p 

    Also we are having a sunset ceremony, so hopefully the rain hits in the mid afternoon.
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  • Not sure about sleep.  I wonder if there is a thread somewhere about how well one sleeps the night before.  I know most of my friends crashed pretty hard the night of their weddings.
  • I am thinking a gravol and beer should do the trick at about 10pm. :)

    A friend of mine is a makeup artist and she did a wedding a few months ago. The bride to be apparently had a great idea at 3am to take a prescription sleeping pill, so she would at least get a couple hours of sleep. Apparently the MOH showered her and got her prepped for hair and makeup at 8am after they couldn't wake her up. She was completely passed out during hair and make up and started to come too at about 12pm an hour before her ceremony. She barely had enough time to get in her dress and go. 
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