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I'm heading to look at dresses at Bridaltown this weekend.  I head kind of up-and-down reviews for this place.  I was wondering if anyone has any experience here?  And also, if so...did you buy off the rack or did you place an order with them?



Re: Bridaltown

  • Hi.

    If I were you I would stay clear. I did buy my dress from there and it was the worst experience EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should of read the reviews prior, but I didn't.

    First, they make you pay for your dress in full at time of purchase. Once they have your money they treat you like S++T...


    I witnessed one person while I was there that ordered their dresses an and paid in full MONTHS prior to her wedding. It was now 1 week prior to her wedding and the dress wasn't in. She was having a destination wedding and still needed it to be altered. There was also someone on the news last year who was getting married in a few days and her dress didn't come in on time either.


    They weren't very pleasant and I would NEVER recommend them. I would ready more reviews if I were you.  Every review I read after I purchased my dress I found to be true.


    Good luck.

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  • Hello! I purchased my dress from Bridaltown. I really enjoyed the help I received. I tried on so many gowns and found my dress that day. I did pay in full and my dress came in in 10 weeks. I went up there to pick it up two days later and I cant complain. Good Luck!

  • I live in the area and unfortunately it does have a really poor reputation around here and the locals steer clear.  There are other bridal shops that have better pricing and much, much better customer service.  Try Agnes Edmunds in Pottstowm. They are the nicest people and were one of the few shops that did include alterations in the pricing. I'm not sure if they still do.It's not fancy, but worth the trip.
  • Try Arielle Bridal in Ambler or Harleysville Bridal.
  • Thanks for your reviews guys! I did end up checking it out today. I was able to find a dress and buy off the rack. I tried to steer clear of ordering a gown based off the reviews. They are keeping the dress to clean it, and they said they will ship it to me and it would get to me in about one month. Fingers crossed! I hope this works out.
  • By far the worst experience I had dress shopping.  Showed up to an appointment and the woman who was supposed to help me was still with another bride, so a man insisted on starting to help me look at dresses so that they wouldn't get too far off schedule.  I told him what I was looking for, likes, dislikes, etc.  I might as well have looked through the whole shop myself, because he had no idea where to find any of the dresses I would like and I basically just went through every dress they had on the racks myself with my mom and FMIL.  Then of course my mom and FMIL had to actually help me get into the dresses.  I found absolutely NOTHING that I would ever like.

    Aside from that the inside was not the cleanest and all of the dressing rooms he had us go in were dark and still had dresses from previous people in them.  All in all STEER CLEAR!  The selection is poor, as is the service and the facilities.  Don't waste your time.  There are plenty other shops in the Philadelphia area with great prices and excellent service.
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