Venue for $500 (or less)

I'm looking for almost any kind of venue for an October wedding (little soon, I know). I plan on doing the food myself (my family will help).   Indian Springs would have been perfect but my date is taken, and firm.  I'm willing to cut my guest list from 80 down to whatever it needs to be to get a venue for $500 and in October.  I would like a place that has separate areas for the ceremony and reception.  I'm open to metro Atlanta and even down to middle Georgia.  Looking forward to your suggestions!

Re: Venue for $500 (or less)

  • I would check with community centers and local club houses usually they have lower rates.

  • For anyone that may read this in the future...Lake City Community Center is nicely priced and from the pictures it looks super nice (and it's on a lake).  You can find the price and info online, it's like $500 for non-residents.  My date was already taken :(  It's in Clayton County.
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