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I'm from South Carolina but getting married in Santa Monica

So I'm the groom to be and I'm from South Carolina, my fiancee is from the LA area and we are trying to some nice places to have a reception (and don't want to do the church fellowship hall thing) So I would like some venues. Of course budget friendly but would really appreciate the ideas. 

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Re: I'm from South Carolina but getting married in Santa Monica

  • Do you know where you're having the ceremony already? That might help find a place that's near your ceremony
  • Not too certain. We are thinking at her home church. I'm just not certain the name of it, but I will get that information soon.
  • "budget friendly" is a little vague as Santa Monica is VERY expensive. Time of year and actual reception budget? Just a thought... you might want to rethink sharing your website when there's an active guestbook & RSVP function. Anyone can see this.
  • Not sure if you're still interested as this post is a few weeks old- but agree with pp's. While there's definitely a range (expensive to VERY expensive), you probably won't find anywhere in Santa Monica for less than about $30k. 

    We got married at The Victorian. <--linky

    Good luck. =)
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    Oh Lord, you are looking for a venue for a Saturday next June? That's going to be really, really, really hard. LA has a very large Asian population, many of whom booked their 2014 dates last year to avoid 2013. It's rough, really rough, to get a venue in California for next year, especially in such an in demand place as Santa Monica/Malibu and in budget. 

    You may want to look into the Annenberg Community Beach House in Malibu. It's about a 10 minute drive from SM and is pretty affordable for being right on the beach. They have a beautiful old house designed by Julia Morgan and a more modern beach house to chose from. When I got dates on May 1st they still had availability on weekends, so you may be in luck.

    Here's the pricing:

    Marion Davies Guest House:      $1,200.00 (ideal for ceremony and cocktail reception)

    Garden Terrace Room:                  $2,900.00 (ideal for dinner and reception)

    Parking:                $12.00 per car

    Insurance:           $107.40

    Security:              $89.05

  • I echo Anneberg Community Beach House - my friend is getting married there 8/4/13 so I can send more details after I attend if you'd like, pm me.
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