Extra Charge for Floral design and production

I received my proposal from the floral designer, and listed were the typical items, bouquet- $300, boutonnieres-$25, centerpieces -$300, and the very last item, it read , " floral design and production"- $685 !
   I have to go meet to revise the proposal today, and I am curious  to know f anyone could explain this extra charge.   I think I was always under the impression that f you were being charged $300 for a bouquet, that included the flowers and the service of arranging them.    

Re: Extra Charge for Floral design and production

  • I haven't heard of that for a florist ever. Is one bouquet $300 and one boutonnière $25? If so, that should be inclusive of everything. Our florist was in a really bad neighborhood in a lousy shop, but one of only two approved by our venue. The bride's bouquet was $150 and each bout was $12. Even though she was reasonable, we are in the city so I am used to high prices. I find your prices way too high.
  • Unless your flowers are really hard to come by, those prices seem high, and the extra charge for designing them is ridiculous.
  • Your florist may have broken out her labor costs into a separate charge, possibly just for the centerpieces.

    For your bouquet, is that the price for one bouquet or multiple bouquets?  Same with the bouts?  And how many centerpieces because $300 for all centerpieces seems on the low side depending on how many you are getting and what is involved.

    I will say that $300 for a bridal bouquet is normal for me just because of my area, but of course I would be expecting something pretty large with high end flowers.  I know that mine easily cost that much.

  • I have never seen an extra charge for design- that should be built into the cost for each item! I've only ever seen an additional fee for delivery/set up, which is no where near $600+.

    While $300 is very high for a bouquet, it isn't completely unheard of, if it includes peonies off season, ostrich feathers, crystals, rare orchids, etc. but if it's in season stems, or common flowers then it's way overpriced.
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